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Whatsup University is a world famous website. Our readers can gain so much knowledge on numerous countries around the globe, Entertainment news, Fashion and Technology trends, Spiritual places or Science and Technology. In this URL users can share their views and comments and participate in the General knowledge quizzes on the page. It’s often described as a very informative page. Since it’s open to everyone with no age restrictions. Please feel free to visit the site.

Whatsup University USA
Whatsup University USA

What is Whatsup University?

What’s up University is website where users can search for information on various topics ranging from fashion to spiritual places around the world. From this website one can gain a world of knowledge regarding other countries and cultures. Whatsapp University Certificate.

Why Whatsup University?

It is a free website, therefore users can access it without any payment. Furthermore, It is developed on open source technologies with effective and trending information. Whatsapp university meaning:

  • 1. Spiritual: Where you read about Jerusalem, Ayodhya, Dwarka, Vatican City. Read About Ayodhya Lord Ram Birth Place… . ... .
  • 2. Entertainment: See and read more about Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Priyanka Chopra and Huma Qureshi.
  • 3. Guest Post: Any one can post their article here across the glob.
  • 4. Countries: Here you can read about various countries and their histories like, United State of America USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, India, Italy, Spain, Greece, Iran, Lebanon, Croatia, Norway, UAE, Saudi Arab, Hong Kong, Turkey, Jordan and many more countries.
  • 5. GK: Here people can read about World War 1, World war 2,  Biggest cricket stadium Motera Stadium Ahmadabad
  • 6. Science and Technologies: Read about latest technologies and trending technologies like 5G, Sun Corona and more.
  • 7. Fashion: Find the latest fashion trends, Whatsapp University T Shirts, New York Fashion Week by Eva Maria Perez
  • 8. Shop: Latest phones and laptops.
  • 9. Gallery: See Whatsapp University T-Shirts and many more images.
  • 10. Quote: Where Users can write comments or quotes. 
  • 11. Blogs: World oldest languages, Oldest Religions of world, History of Ireland, History Of Spain, Top 10 Oldest Religions in the World, Battle of Troy and etc. Whatsapp University USA.

Whatsup University Logo

Whatsup University logo
Whatsup University logo​

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