Women Story By: Gloria Hudson

Women Story


There are many reasons in this era of time, for women to be at their wits end! We have seen so much in 2020, it’s like waves roaring in the ocean that we are standing in! Women Story

Gloria Hudson
Gloria Hudson

Many have lost loved ones, whom they weren’t allowed to say goodbye to, many have lost jobs, we have all had to learn to teach school, pitching money tight and buying nothing extra but food to feed our families, not knowing when the next wave of this year’s issues are coming! We have heard many rumors, lies and truths flying around. We have seen violence; sickness and we have all at some point broken down and cried silently! a little Women Story.

Anxiety, depression, and suicide are all at an unprecedented high! The elderly are dying due to failure to thrive, like a new born baby would who has been denied the presence of touch! Many are simply giving up! Many people are lonely, scared and confused! It is a strange thing we are all living through yes, it is indeed. Women Story

I want each woman to know you have hope, you are not alone, you don’t have to give up or lay down! We weren’t meant to do those things. We are strong, tough, and wise! I would like to take just a minute of your time and remind you of who you are and what women before us have accomplished in hard times, so that you know how uniquely strong and courageous you are. Women Story

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It is said that women are made of sugar and spice and everything nice but, you are also strong, brave, courageous and you have come from a long list of women who have left their footprints for us to follow, their examples still remain standing in hard times for us to follow. Women Story

Be Brave!

Let’s just take a look at a few! 

Shall we?

Joan of Arc is a wonderful woman to start with. She stood, even against her family for what she believed in. She literally fought like a man in a time that wasn’t the proper thing for a lady to do! 

Women Story
Women Story

She fought hard and she did not give up, she gave her life for a hope for a better tomorrow for her people! Joan is known as the Patron of France for her divine guidance and what I would call bravery and courage also but, look closely those weren’t her only qualities that helped her fulfil her destiny. Joan believed, she loved and she cared! Joan was a young woman who dared to go where no other had gone, and fight for her beliefs and for her people. She didn’t quit when the battle grew harder, she fought harder. Joan went above and beyond her call of duty! 

Another lady I’d like to speak of is none other than, Harriet Tubman. Harriet saved many enslaved lives. She faced many enemies, I am sure! But, she did not give in when they came against her, she did not back down. No, she worked harder; caring, loving and showing compassion for her people. She was a woman who believed in a better future! She fought long and hard to save many. She is another example of the many women who went above and beyond her call of duty!  Women Story

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Last but, not least let’s speak of the lady known as “The Mother of Modern Nursing.” Florence Nightingale not only saved millions by teaching sanitation but her work still stands today in nursing. She also cared for the poor and ill, which her parents did not approve of. Florence stood her ground and fought for what she believed in! She cared, she loved and she fought hard for who and what she wanted to be and what she was created for! Women Story

Let us not forget these strong women who came before us, delivering us the messages of hope and encouragement! littleWomen Story

All these women faced a point in life when they had no choice but, to go above and beyond the call of duty!  Joan, Harriet and Florence all have a couple things in common with us today, they faced some sort of battle, a war, and obstacles to overcome to fulfil what they were called to do. They all gave it their all, they all fought hard and stood for what was right! I’m sure they all felt alone at times and scared of what tomorrow may bring.  World’s Oldest Language

Sure, they had flaws but, their flaws did not define them, their mess, they turned into messages and they walked through high waters and the roaring waves did not bother them. They all still hoped, when hope seemed to be gone for many, they dreamed when others had quit dreaming, they pushed and pulled for another person to smile. They showed up with loving, caring and compassion for others even when they were in the same vote, they did not give up!  Covid 19, this whole year and everything it has brought to our eyes, ears and hearts (not to mention our wallets) they all went through similar things. 


Yes, the battles are hard and yes, the teacher is sometimes quiet, but, if you can dare to be someone, be someone who doesn’t give up, become who you are becoming! Read History of America

This is just a season we are walking through, just like the women mentioned above; this is the time in which you have been created for, to stand in their shoes, take up yourself and walk forward with the same loving, caring and compassion for one another as they set an example for us to follow.

If you see anyone down, don’t pass them by, take a moment and help them get up too, that moment you spent may make a difference in the rest of, not only another’s life, but may also make a difference also in yours! 

(C) Gloria Hudson 09-18-2020 Women Story

Gloria Hudson

Gloria has a account Book Author at Indie
Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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