The Unicorn that Learned to Fly

The Unicorn that Learned to Fly Book Article I

This week’s article is about the book called, “The Unicorn that Learned to Fly.” I wrote it and had it published on March 6, 2020. It is about a character named PurrAngel and a little Indian boy named Little Powwow. They joined together to learn about each other’s culture and PurrAngel learned to fly when she is still a baby.

The Unicorn
The Unicorn

PurrAngel is a unicorn and she grows up in the mountains called UnicornMountain. With the help of Little Powwow, PurrAngel learned to fly and tried to help other people and unicorns as much as she could. There is always a beginning, a middle and an end to every story that is told. As the story goes, there are other stories attached to this story.

BigHoss is a cowboy and he gets married to a woman named Melody. They get married and start a family and they are focused on PurrAngel and Little Powwow. As everyone grows a little bit in the 1800s, there are horses and wagons in that era, but little do they know how things are going to change. The journey starts with PurrAngel and Little Powwow get to meet each other and tried to get to know each other.

Little Powwow helped encourage PurrAngel to learn to fly when she finally got her unicorn wings. We got to meet the start of all of the characters in the story. The story starts out laying the foundation for the adventures to come. We learned about the Cowboys and Indians.

The story progresses to conflict between Melody and PurrAngel then we begin to see more of the characters interacting with each other. We get to know more characters in the story like Shaymus, Susie, Patrick, and Daniel. The story progresses to a big wedding. We get to share the excitement of a big wedding and the planning of the big event.

The story gets more exciting as the love between PurrAngel and ChiefSage gets stronger. The story progresses to the point where PurrAngel gets pregnant and finds out that she will be having triplets. This makes the intrigue of the story more exciting and intriguing. Now BigHoss and Melody want to start a family.

We get to share the joy of the characters as they learn about pregnancy. This helps us stay drawn to the story because we cannot wait to find out what happens in the future. We get to also get to meet the Farrier, the townspeople, and Dr. Ciki. The story gets more exciting as PurrAngel goes on an fantastic trip by herself.

Now the story becomes more intriguing with PurrAngel’s fantastic trip to meet King James I. The is more suspenseful as we get to meet the gatekeepers and Prince Joshua. PurrAngel comes home after her wonderful and wild trip. We are enjoying the story as everybody is relieved to see PurrAngel come home.

The characters become resolved as their conflicts settle down.  The story becomes more intriguing when PurrAngel has more things to tell the other unicorns and people. Yet there are still others that we get to meet. The story progresses to the announcement of the biggest wedding of the century.

It is fun to see how everybody reacts to the big announcement. There is also Miss MollyFurr, Big Horn, PurrAngel’s unicorn dad, and PreciousAngel, PurrAngel’s unicorn mom to meet. The story gets close to a climax as the births of the baby unicorns draw near. The plot of the story develops and interesting twist, with the naming of the unicorn babies. Read Ten Oldest Languages

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There is also William, LuckyOne, and LadyRiver to meet. This wonderful story concludes with a very happy ending to where Little Powwow and LadyRiver both get married and they ride off into the sunset. Please enjoy this book and hope to see you all soon with more of PurrAngel and Little Powwow. Read History of America

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