The New Exclusive Diversity

The New Exclusive Diversity

Over three months after the protests began, thousands of Americans continue to flow into the streets every night protesting. No longer peaceful, and sadly, no longer- inclusive.

There is a growing vocabulary that escalates abuse, division and violence. The “we” diluted to “me”. A language that is forming an exclusive club of one. That bright, colourful flag of inclusive diversity is becoming harder to find flying over the crowds. Instead, we are being battered by broken Black Lives Matter verbiage that is leaving no seat at the table for any other diversity group. Diversity means everyone, not just one.

Three months ago, this was a peaceful, cohesive movement toward positive social change. A joined directive to give minorities a voice and path to justice. Arm in arm with song and flags, people of all races and backgrounds stood together. There were no lines drawn between the colors. It was a watercolour vision for equality. When and why, did this bright hope get kicked to the curb and begin to claw itself from inside out?

Opportunistic capitalism leaped on the bandwagon with eager marketers blasting their own brand of inclusiveness. “I can’t breathe” became a $17.99 tee-shirt or face mask slogan delivered overnight by Amazon. Instant rioter information flowed freely from phone apps and “my signs are better” devolved into a white vs black destruction competition. Anger has crushed the rainbows underfoot. Other diversity voices are now lost in the melee of hate that is spewing through the streets like vomit. Tarnished with exclusivity, the Asians vanished, Native Americans were forgotten and the LGBT’s threatened. Until only one voice can be heard screaming. Suddenly, only Black Lives Matter. Mob mentality demands action, not thoughtful questions. It craves anger and bloats itself on violence. If you’re not “in”, your dangerously “out”. Fear crawled in and all other voices are silenced. The New Exclusive Diversity

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This protest was not about just one man, George Floyd. His death was merely the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. In the perfect storm of this moment, people took a breath, looked at their lives and faced their truth. The placebo of consumerism offered no equality or happiness. The politics of money and power were suddenly laid bare by the surgical hand of the pandemic. “Normal” was no longer acceptable. Everyone wanted change and to find the heart again to truly “pursue happiness”.

When did the inclusive cry for all members of society to be accepted as unique and valuable fail? Even as Black America howls for equality and justice it is fast becoming an exclusive and very private club. Martin Luther King would look upon this and broken hearted, walk away. This destruction, violence and division was not his Dream. His was a dream of equality and inclusion. Read more Enough is Enough

As the incoming November elections push the social agenda and we are swamped in political lies, we must review the dream that built this country. A drive for equality, freedom of choice and most importantly, a voice of “liberty and justice for all”. All Americans. Regardless of race, education or job. We all want the right to live in peace and feel safe. To walk down any street in any city and live together in mutual respect. Can you truly argue, in an equal diversity, that “all lives matter”?

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K. Von Krenner

Journalist Freelance

Over three months, after the protests began, thousands of Americans, continue to flow into the streets, every night protesting. No longer peaceful, Diversity,
K. Von Krenner

“In Every Grain of Sand, Lies the Memories of Mountains” kk

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