Laura Nutt

Dare to dream, dream to be different, then be different and change the world! Be inspirational with tenacity! Go to where others have never gone, climb higher, push harder, fly higher, and experience the fullness of life. Passion burns in the heart of the adventurer, and fear is only the fuel for the fire! Fuel it and fan the flames! You are a fighter and light it up so that you are unstoppable!! Don’t let fear of the unknowns hold you in bondage to “what ifs.” You don’t want to miss out know and say add the words, ”I wish I had…” to your thought process. Be strong in courage and boldness in yourself that is so contagious that others will “catch it” and you will all strive to make your dreams a reality! You only have one life, make it a good read for generations to come!

Remember that the world focuses on what is in the “outside.” It is drawn to your physical appearance, material things, prestige, associations, etc. These things may “catch” someone’s attention, but what “captivates” is what actually makes you beautiful, radiant and brilliant. Your heart. That is where your character, identity, morals, values, attitude and the essence of you! That’s where your true beauty lies and comes from. If people cannot see or appreciate that, then they are not worthy of being blessed by your gifts and your “facets that shine brighter than the sun!” Be the diamonds that you are! Be blessed and radiate!! Roar like a lion and let your beauty resonate! Sometimes the most powerful roars come from the most unexpected places! Be that unexpected “roar” and rock the world!

Know that it really is about the journey, not the destination. We learn so much from the twists, turns, potholes, bumps, cracks, and uneven road and the variety of “weather” conditions that we face as we head toward our destination. Many times during our journey we change course toward a new direction with new roads and conditions to encounter. What lessons have you learned and what roads have you traveled. I aspire to travel the roads that few are willing to do due to the costs. In the timeless words of Robert Frost from The Road Not Taken, “There were 2 roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Read More Laura Nutt Articles

You cannot not choose. Whatever you do or don’t do is a choice. There is no growth in what you consider “comfortable.” To me, life is not about taking baby steps forever or you won’t get to where you need to when you need to. There is a time and place for that, but we can no longer hesitate or sit back. The time is way overdue, there are no excuses. God Bless whatever types of steps for dynamic positive change that you take. Just get to your destination, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey, the lessons, the transformations and the growing pains that will take place. I pray many blessings over all who read these Words.

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Sculpture Photo Courtesy of A. Lee Harris

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Laura Nutt