Teachers Day

Teachers Day

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Last year, I bought a necklace for myself. I merely wanted to treat me, for the hardworking professional teacher that I am. Kudos to me! I celebrated the end of a successful academic year with a decent gift …why? It is because I deserved it. I kept the gift aside and decided to wait for the best opportunity to show it off.

This morning, as I woke up, I felt the need to hunt for this piece of jewelry. I wanted to remind myself that I am here in this world for a reason. I was born to teach. It is a noble job. We are next to doctors, we help build lives. Teachers Day

For this past month, I have been teaching in a hybrid fashion, juggling to deliver both an online and offline education. It has NOT been easy. I am learning every single day. No matter how hard I work, I am not yet satisfied. I want to incorporate many strategies and techniques so that my students learn the very best education, despite their situation they still achieve flying colours. Teachers Day.

Lately, I have been drained out with the amount of work on my plate. I spend hours in front of my laptop typing, researching, planning, just to ensure I am aware of various strategies of blended learning, so that I can incorporate it during my lesson. As I sip my morning coffee, I ponder to myself and ask…what has happened to the world lately? Has our students benefited from this situation? Are they receiving the best education? What can us as facilitators, educators, leaders do to help guide them to a better future? History Jerusalem

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Chaya Karira, Teachers day,
Chaya Karira

From 7 am to 3 pm, my students are my children and I am their mother. Their future is in my hands and I play a role model to ensure that they grasp the maximum knowledge as they can. Today, I stand proud, of each and every one of my students who are online or offline trying their best to blend with this new system of learning and appreciate parents for staying home and looking after their children’s’ needs in terms of the new approach to learning. Well done! Read History of Saudi Arabia Teachers Day.

A friend once told me that.”Chaya, GOD gives the toughest battle to his bravest soldier”. I am that soldier. I am the one fighting the battles of technology issues, wearing a mask and teaching, not being able to move (2 m distance), no social gathering for teachers to share a meal together….etc. Teachers Day.

I have been a teacher since I was 21 years old and nothing else. I was born to educate. I am first a teacher, then a wife, and a mother. I stand proud, every single day to fight the battle and in the end victory will be achieved and my students will learn to become better human beings. J. Read Oldest Language in The world.



Chaya Karira

Mathematics Teacher
United Arab Emirates

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