Spanish Flu To Corona Virus

From the horrific pandemic of human history to the Spanish flu 1918 to the corona 2019

horrific pandemic of human history to the Spanish flu to the corona Virus. Covid-19
Spanish Flu to Corona Virus Covid-19

From the horrific pandemic of human history to the Spanish flu to the corona, we can learn it. The Spanish flu was knocked out when the world was trying to overcome the global horror of the First World War in 1918. The Spanish flu had taken two times the people who died in the First World War. About 5 crore people were killed during that. It was one of the most horrific epidemics in human history. Nearly a century has passed from the Spanish flu to Covid-19 (Corona), but the big question is, what did we learn in the meantime?

This is how it began Spanish Flu

This is how it began Spanish Flu. This flu is believed to have spread to soldiers’ cramped and crowded training camps on the Western Front. The polluted environment in the trenches, especially along the borders with France, helped its spread. When the war ended in November 1918 and the soldiers started returning home, the virus came with them. It is believed that 5 to 100 million people lost their lives due to its outbreak.

Different viruses, different people

The doctors termed the Spanish flu as the largest Holocaust in history. This is not just a fact that it took the lives of a lot of people, but the real fact is that there were young and healthy people suffering from it. In general, the healthy immune system is largely ready to deal with flu, but it shocked the immune system by striking it rapidly. It had a sharp reaction and became liquid in the lungs. This reservoir was perfectly suitable for infection.

Public health better measures

This flu came at a time when the world came out of World War I and public resources were converted to military operations. The idea of the public health system was at an early stage. In slums and other poor places in the city, people were killed who were undernourished, unhygienic and whose health was below average.

Pneumonia is dangerous

Many people have lost their lives with Covid-19. Many of these suffer from a form of pneumonia. It engulfs you because the immune system is weak to fight the virus. It is similar to the Spanish flu, but the Covid-19 has a mortality rate many times lower. Although those whose immune system is weak, mostly those people have died. Spain.

Some places survived

When the Spanish flu spread, air traffic was in its early stages. That is why there were some places in the world that escaped its horrific effects. Its spread in the world was low. Instead of airplanes, people travelled through rail and steamers. Some places began to reach the flu for months and even years, and this led to the devastating effects of the area. However, in many places, the 100-year-old technique was adopted to keep the flu away. Fitness for Health .

A community in Alaska completely escaped the flu. He closed schools, banned public gatherings and closed the way from the main road to the village. The travel ban was a low-tech version, which has been used in China’s Hubei province and northern Italy to prevent corona virus. Read about Greenland Sharks

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