surface of the sun
Sun Surface

Look closely at the surface of the sun

Astronomers have released the most detailed pictures of the sun’s surface. It states that the surface of the Sun is desolate and violent. The sun can be seen beautifully for the first time through photographs. The Inouye Solar Telescope of Daniel of the National Science Foundation, located on the island of Hawaii, has taken these pictures. According to Thomas Rymele, director of the Inouye Solar Telescope, “These are the highest resolution images of the solar surface ever. We used to think that they look like a bright point-structure but now they are seen in many small structures. Is coming. “

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The telescope, which takes pictures of the Sun’s surface, is considered the world’s largest telescope. According to the photographs released by the researchers, the surface of the Sun is looking golden-orange. Cell-like structures are the size of the US state of Texas. They are hot, excited or convection of mass of plasma. Scientists hope that the help of data collected by the telescope will help in mapping the magnetic fields in the outer atmosphere of the Sun (corona).

15,000 year old virus found in Tibet’s glacier

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Tibet’s Glacier


In 2015, a team of scientists reached Tibet from the US to find out what is inside the glacier there. In his study, a virus that has never been seen before has been discovered in a huge glacier on the northwest Tibetan plateau of China for 15 thousand years. Research published in the Bio Archive Database operated by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory describes how researchers have discovered 28 such virus groups that have never been seen before. According to researchers, due to being buried in snow, the virus has also survived in different climates. Read about 5 G Technology Side effects