Roar Power

Roar Power By Georgina Playsted

Roar Power

“What goes on in other people’s heads is none of your business”

Powerful words spoken a long time ago to me by a psychic,

Life changing to say the least

Back then I was a people pleasure & believed that getting into people’s heads was necessary to understand them

‘How bloody rude’ I thought

I felt bruised from the stab

However….after mulling it over, a new feeling emerged…a strange feeling

That she was right

and it was said to me for a reason

To wack me over the head and wake me up out of my slumber

To crack my head open…to access my heart 💓

To feel the pain of the bruise & then ‘get over myself’

The EGO, the false me…was the only one bruised that day

The real me knew it was time to change…

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The whisper had became a roar, and the roar revealed itself in the shape of a complete stranger

A brave heart who had the courage to tell me the truth ‘ stabs me in the front!

It woke me up and became my constant companion & reminder

‘To mind my own business, and stop worrying about what other people thought of me’

lesson Make it your new business to always listen to the whispers…OR

‘That whisper you ignore will become a ROAR!

Find the courage to listen to those brave enough to stab you in the front!

By Author


Georgina Playsted


Evolve Solutions | Content/video Creator

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia