8 Best how to do a pedicure at home for myself step by steps.

Pedicure is what?  How to do pedicure at home step by step?

Wearing a beautiful, fresh and very careful pedicure does not have to be a martyrdom or something punctual that happens only in summer. Believe it or not, feet, like hands, say a lot about a person. how to make pedicure at home?

In addition, remember that it is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health, since the feet tend to stay longer inside closed shoes or shoes, so they tend to dry out or hardness.

Getting a pedicure at home every 15 days or every week will help you relax and, above all, make your feet look beautiful and healthy. Take good note of how to do a pedicure at home and get a natural and very professional result! Everyone know pedicure how much costly?

How to get a pedicure at home? This is the question that many should ask themselves when there is no possibility of visiting the salon in the near future and is that for many that idea of taking a few hours for themselves is synonymous with manicuring and pedicure, clearing the mind and attending to the needs of their hands and feet. Unfortunately, this pleasure/luxury is not always possible to give it, whether for reasons of budget, time or a pandemic that does not allow us to leave our homes.

For others it may mean going to the hairdresser to take care of their hair, getting a facial or going to a meditation class. The good news is that for each of these practices there are options to carry them out in the comfort of home, with home remedies and without spending too much. The pedicure is one of them and we will dedicate ourselves to this today. You know how much pedicure and manicure cost are so high in beauty parlors?

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Steps How Pedicure at home?

How to do a pedicure at home for myself? Before starting it is important that you allocate a place in your house to fix your feet, one where you can concentrate, that you have space and, above all, you feel comfortable.

how to do pedicure at home step by step
how to do pedicure at home step by step

Pedicure how much to tip? These are the utensils and products you will need:

How to do a pedicure at home for myself? 

  • Enamel remover
  • Cotton
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Pomezz stone for the feet
  • Exfoliant
  • Moisturizing lotion
  • Standing soap or liquid soap
  • Cuticle oil
  • Towel
  • Orange stick
  • Coloured and transparent enamels (top coats and base coats)

Do you already have place and utensils? With these simple steps you will learn how to get a pedicure at home. Start!

How to do pedicure at home step by step?

How pedicure at home? Here we explain all steps in easy way. follow all steps for better looks.

Warm water bath

How to do pedicure at home? Before getting a pedicure, you should prepare your feet to look cared for. To do this, immerse your feet in a container filled with hot, warm or warm water with neutral soap for 10 minutes. This will refresh and clean your feet and nails. home pedicure steps as bellow:

pedicure how much to tip
pedicure how much to tip

1. Remove the old enamel

How do pedicure at home? If you have noticed well in your manicure and pedicure sessions, the first step of the experts is to remove the remains of polish that you may have on your nails. Use pads or cotton balls for this that you should soak in enamel remover, if this can be free of acetone, parabens and phthalate, better. Go nail by nail pressing the cotton with remover until they are clean. If you notice that you have spots on your nails, experts recommend applying some lemon juice to lighten them.

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2. Put your feet to soak

The next step is to put your feet in water with foot soap and, if you don’t have it, a liquid soap can also work. It can be in a bathtub, in a boat or in what works as a small tub to submerge them. Leave them there for about 10 minutes or as long as necessary so that they are moist and soft enough and then dry them with a dry and clean towel.

3. File your heels

Taking advantage of the fact that being wet is the easiest way to remove dead skin from the feet, locate your pomez stone and proceed to file your heels, the sides of your feet and your calluses (if you have them) to leave your feet even softer.

how to a pedicure at home
how to a pedicure at home

4. Move to your cuticles

Push them upwards and carefully cut out the excesses. It is not advisable to remove it all. If you are one of those who usually do it with your manicurist, the ideal is to leave this task to the experts so that nothing goes wrong.

5. Exfoliate your feet and legs (optional)

If you want to give yourself an experience as close to a spa as possible and you have what you need, you can apply an exfoliant on your feet and legs to finish softening those points where there is still dryness.

6. Trim, file and polish your nails

It’s time to face your nails. The ideal for a pedicure is to have special nail clippers for the toes, which will guarantee a cleaner and more precise cut. If you do not have one, nothing happens, use the one you have and make sure to make straight cuts and do not cut the corners too much so as not to affect the natural shape of the nail.

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7. Hydrate

Finish your treatment with a hydration session before proceeding to apply the enamel. Moisturize the skin of your feet deeply with a lotion starting from the toes to the ankle.

pedicure fish

8. Apply the enamel and correct

Finally, choose what color you will want in your nails. Apply first the base coat or that transparent polish that will prepare your nail with three brushstrokes, one in the center and one on each side. Once this layer is dry, you can apply the color.

pedicure at home how to
pedicure at home how to

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