Parent Training and Parenting Support

Parent Training

Being parents is undoubtedly the most complex and fragile job at the same time, despite the fact that the right manual does not exist, the way of being parents will shape the lives of children, as well as their ability to look out into the world.
Support for parenting is the intervention that supports parents in the complex role by facing difficulties together. It allows you to find direction in a space of listening and help, through an intervention that recognizes the criticalities within the family, providing the tools and strategies, in order to find a healthy family balance.

Parent Training
Parent Training

Recognizing Need

Recognizing that you need help, and therefore to ask for support, or advice, is not synonymous with weakness but indicates courage:
Even before a child is born and then given birth, it involves an important change within the couple that transform into mother and father. This transformation does not only concern biological couples, but also those who embark on the path of adoption. The arrival of a child involves a new form of shared union on responsibility and a new way of carrying out functions, choices, objectives and goals in a common perspective. This process, we can define it under the dynamic aspect that not only sees the parents united within the birth event, but linked in facing a new type of relationship that will be in constant transformation. Therefore, recognizing the change of reciprocal roles becomes an important element of shared dialogue that parents establish with their child. Parent effectiveness training parenting support group topic, parenting support group curriculum,
In recent years, the term parenting has taken hold in pedagogical and clinical research, as pedagogy sees parenthood as the object of the evolution of learning what is most complex: the art of being a parent. You learn to become parents by taking care of your child, responding adequately to those needs that change over time. To become aware that one cannot be a parent in the same way and especially with each child. Parental capacity is therefore the ability to know in a certain sense, to explore the role of parent. This task is therefore complex as it requires different skills ranging from responding to needs such as: looking after, nurturing, protecting, supporting, but also helping to grow through: promoting autonomy by ensuring those behaviors given by the ability to educate. This is the moment when parents start asking questions such as: “Can I choose or recommend?”; “Do I experiment with it or do I replace myself for fear that it may make mistakes?”; “Do I listen to him or do I pretend not to know?”; “Do I punish him or give up?” parenting support groups
It is clear that there cannot be the right answer or the exact opposite, but the figure of the pedagogical consultant can be of help and support in dealing with such situations. Correct educational practice in correlation with effective and efficient communication become indispensable tools in the education of children. (Read More History of Germany) Parent Training, Sostegno alla Genitorialità
Here are some tips to think about:
“Let’s set the stakes”: establishing rules means that words are followed by actions. Remember that promising, both negatively and positively, means fulfilling the promise. Parent Training

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“Making specific requests”: speaking clearly, controlling the tone of the voice. Parent Training

“Listen”: accept what they are telling you, returning the modulated request. Parent Training

“Do it yourself”: learning to make decisions independently, without making them feel abandoned, teaching them to take responsibility. Parent Training

“Punish”: it is functional to encourage, therefore punishment must be a moment of confrontation, accompanied by an explanation otherwise, it will be counterproductive. (Read History of Norway)


Doctor Tiziana Trussardi

Pedagogista, Educatore socio- pedagogico, Counselor
Genoa, Liguria, Italy.

Doctor Tiziana Trussardi
Tiziana Trussardi
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