Negative Comments?

How to deal with negative comment?

We often find ourselves in a situation where we get negative comment on something we are doing. Very often its “stings” us and we feel bad for days. Comments can be constructive but also malicious. They can affect a person or behavior. Negative Comments?

Always choose to criticize behavior because if you attack a person then it is personal criticism and it always hurts a lot. Personal criticism should be avoided unless you really want to offend or hurt someone. If you want someone to do something different then try commenting on the behavior.

Don’t attack and criticize on a personal level because many situations get so complicated, and you instead of having a good relationship end up having no relationship with another person. Negative Comments?

I recently received comments for my lecture. Out of a total of 50 comments that were great, one was bad. I note that bad comments don’t hurt me as much as before, I perceive them as either constructive or simply as some counterbalance, at least one must be bad. Not everything is perfect, so neither do I and there is always space for improvement. Negative Comments?

Negative comments?
Negative comments?

Look at things from a different perspective

While we are not comfortable receiving criticism or comment be aware of the situation you are in and look at things from a different perspective. It was clear to me in this case, that I described, that the reason for such a comment must lie somewhere.

The thing was that one student wandered into the lecture, she expected a lot more, but forgot that it was an audience learning the basics. Hence the bad comment. It is a matter of perspective and expectation. Negative Comments?

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In another situation, several years ago, I would have felt bad, I would have been tormented by that one person out of 50 and it would not matter that everything is great for others, that one would haunt me. And we are haunted by many situations until we become aware of ourselves and our talents. When we are confident in what we say and in our own worth, we experience such comments completely differently. Negative Comments?

 Try to answer the questions:

 1. Who criticizes me?

2. What is the context of this critique?

3. Does the criticism apply to me personally or to my behavior?

If you are sure that you have done everything well and that there is no reason for comment or criticism, try to understand the motive of the person who sent you the comment or criticism. Whether it is malicious criticism, superficial criticism or there is some basis for all of the above. If you need to change something or see room for improvement, be thankful! It’s just another way to get better.

Constructive comments

When a comment is constructive, in any business, you can get a free look from the other side. In addition to the free view, you can also read what you can do better, if possible. We should not be afraid of constructive comments because they are positive for us, we grow and develop with them. We should be able to accept any comment and work on improvements. (Read Oldest Language in the World)

On the other hand, you should also know how to write a comment in a way that helps someone without offending the person. It is very easy to offend someone, but giving a person positive criticism is still a slightly more demanding form. That other kind of comment when someone criticizes you and doesn’t explain what’s good and what’s not good isn’t constructive and shouldn’t be ignored.

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When you get criticism don’t endlessly analyze what you said or did wrong. It is important to be aware of the mistake and not repeat it next time. Maybe you can change tactics, behavior, approach, improve your performance?

Always remember to be kind, respond to a comment or criticism in a positive way, and don’t blame yourself endlessly for something that was below expectations or that you “screwed up” the thing. ( Read History of Croatia)

Every day is a new day and you can notice, fix, refine everything. Give yourself the opportunity to develop and grow, to “build” your talents and skills and to shine exactly the way you need to! If you need support and don’t know how to schedule an individual meeting at


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