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Monica Anna Maria Bellucci (Città di Castello, 30 September 1964) is an Italian actress and model.
She grew up in Selci-Lama, a hamlet of San Giustino in the province of Perugia by Pasquale Bellucci and Brunella Briganti, where she lived until she moved to France. She started working as a model to pay for her studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Perugia, which however she soon abandoned to devote herself completely to the catwalk.

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

In 1990, at the age of 25, she married the photographer Claudio Basso; The couple separated after four years. On August 3, 1999, she married French actor Vincent Cassel, whom she met in 1996 on the set of the film The Apartment. The couple had two daughters: Deva, born on 12 September 2004 and Léonie, born on 20 May 2010. In August 2013, after 14 years of marriage, the couple announced their separation. She declared herself agnostic and fluent in English and French.

When and where Monica Bellucci was born?

58 years
Date (day) of birth
September 30, 1964
Zodiac sign
Place of birth (homeland)
Actress, model
monica bellucci now
monica bellucci now

How tall and how much weigh Monica Bellucci?

Monica Bellucci Height 170 cm
Monica Bellucci Weight 64 kg

Monica Bellucci – has gained worldwide fame as an actress, much in demand in Hollywood cinema. Prior to her acting career, she gained fame as a model. Many admire the regal beauty and femininity of a celebrity.

Monica’s childhood

The actress’s parents passed many life tests. My father emigrated from Afghan Baluchistan and was very poor. Mother of a wealthy family, she grew up in Catholicism. Despite the persuasion of relatives and friends, he tied his life to a poor emigrant. Monica’s family moved to the Italian town of Città di Castella. His father was a farm worker, his mother was engaged in art. Their life was harmonious, though devoid of wealth. Monica was born miraculously, despite her mother’s diagnosis of infertility. This event happened in 1964 and was perceived by parents as a gift from God.

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Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel: An extraordinary success came to Monica after working in the film “The Apartment”, she received the “Cesar” and won the sympathy of the public. On the set he also met an French actor, Vincent Cassel. A year later, Monica was invited to the main role in the film “Doberman”. After this photo, the actress continued to act in films, received many offers from directors, but made great demands. He wanted to act with those directors who could not only emphasize his beauty, in which there were no doubts anyway, but fully reveal his acting talent.

In 2000, after the release of the film “Malena”, Monica paved the way for a great film, she perfectly managed to embody her image in the film and show that beauty is both a gift and a curse.

All the roles that Monica assumes are simply destined for success, her beauty is undeniable, it seems that the tapes were created for her. This happened with the film “Asterix and Obelix”, in which the actress played the Egyptian queen.

Monica herself considers her role in the film Irreversible in 2002 her best and most daring work. It contains scenes of violence, interpreted so realistically that the audience felt sick while watching and the actress herself was uncomfortable.

Monica Bellucci the matrix

After the release of the films “Tears of the Sun” and “The Matrix”, Hollywood was fascinated by the beauty, charm and sexuality of the actress. At the same time, Monica really likes to change images and play in various genres to show everyone that she can play any role. In his filmography there are fabulous images of princesses and villains, courtesans and followers of Christ.

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Monica Bellucci adorned many famous paintings with her presence and play, won millions of hearts.

Monica Bellucci: the enchanting international icon of Italian cinema

Monica Bellucci the matrix: It starts from the heart of Italy and more precisely from the green Umbria the tale of Monica Bellucci, who in a few years has become an international star, first top model and later actress in films that have hit the box office as “Matrix” and “Dracula”.

Monica Anna Maria Bellucci was born in Selci, a hamlet of Città di Castello, to Pasquale, a truck driver and Brunella, a housewife. He studied at the Liceo Classico with excellent results and at the age of 19 he moved to Perugia to enroll in the Faculty of Law.

monica bellucci the matrix
monica bellucci the matrix

Monica’s personal life

The actress is seen in a close relationship only with business partners. She was married for a very short time to the photographer Claudio Brasso. He dated actor Nicola Farron.

After starring together in the film “The Apartment” with actor Vincent Cassel, they became husband and wife. Their first impression of each other was unpleasant. Kassel seemed too arrogant to Monica, and she was stupid to him. But over time they began to feel a strong attraction and sympathy. This fact, however, did not push the actors to live together, both loved their independence. Even after marriage, they continued to live in different countries, they were not together for long.

At the age of 40, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Deva. Spouses his appearance is very gathered. Six years later, Monica gave birth to another girl: Leonie. In 2013, Monica and Vincent broke up, the reason may be their frequent separation and independence. Subsequently, Monica took part in many other TV shows and movies. Now she is trying to devote herself to her daughters and instill in them the ability to rely only on themselves in life.

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Monica Bellucci: Mediterranean beauty of fashion

Her beauty does not go unnoticed and, despite her shyness, the young Monica begins to make her way in the fashion world, first shuttling between Milan and Perugia and then moving permanently to Lombardy, thanks to the contract with the Elite Model Management agency.

In a short time Bellucci became a supermodel who posed for the most important photographers, such as Richard Avedon, and appeared on the covers of glossy magazines.

monica bellucci vincent cassel
monica bellucci vincent cassel

Monica Bellucci: the debut at the cinema with Dino Risi

The designers Dolce & Gabbana elect her as the image of their Mediterranean collections. In this environment, the Umbrian model met her first husband, the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso, from whom she separated about a year after the wedding. Her debut as an actress took place in 1990 under the wing of a great director, Dino Risi, who wrote for a TV drama “Vita coi figli” alongside Giancarlo Giannini.

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