Meaning of Namaste

What is Meaning of Namaste: What is Meaning of Namaskar

Meaning of Namaskar

As per Hindu mythology, Namaskar means being humble in front of others and ending by bowing down to your ego. The word Namaskar has its origin in Sanskrit Namas which means to express gratitude from one soul to another. The word Namaste is made up of Nam: and Aste. Namah means to bow down and Aste means my proud head is bowed before you. That is why whenever we meet someone or we say Namaste (namaste) at the time of farewell. What is Meaning of Namaste. 

Namaste Define: How to do Namaskar

What’s the Meaning of Namaste: If you say Namaste to someone, first of all keep both your hands in the same position, then close your hands with the heart and close your eyes. Then bow their head. This feeling shows that we respect you from the heart. When you say Namaste in front of God, bring both hands up to the forehead. After that, close your eyes and pray to God. This method takes you closer to God. What is Meaning of Namaste

Benefits of Namaskar

There are many scientific, religious and spiritual benefits hidden behind folding hands.

  • By adding hands, blood circulation in the body increases.
  • By doing Namaste, positive energy is transmitted inside the human body.
  • When you say Namaste to someone, you feel inner happiness.
  • When you greet with folded hands, the pressure on your palms activates the heart wheel and the command wheel.
  • Saying Namaskar always keeps the mind calm.
  • According to the scriptures, if you greet the elders, then divine grace is attained.
  • By doing namaste, your heart stays strong and the fear inside also ends.
  • When the fingers meet each other while doing namaste, there is pressure. Because of which your senses become active.
  • It is said that when you get angry, you immediately sit in a state of namaskar. This calms your anger and you begin to show humility to the person in front.
  • Spiritually, if we greet the soul of the person in front, it awakens in us a feeling of gratitude and dedication. It helps in spiritual development. Read World War 2
Meaning of Namaskar
Meaning of Namaskar

Types of Namaste: 

There are 5 types of greetings in Indian culture, including stage touch and namaste. But the most popular greeting is considered to be Namaskar. Which people have been doing since ancient times, but in today’s time Indians have adopted Western culture. Because of this people now get handshakes or hugs in the form of greetings. But do you know that there is some scientific significance attached to the traditions made in Hinduism. Then whether it is to touch the stage or to say Namaste. Namaste in Wikipedia 

Namaskar is not only a culture but it also keeps you away from infection. Because of which the disease of another person does not reach you. These traditions are very effective in keeping diseases away. Therefore, in view of today’s situation, people all over the world have adopted Namaste as a greeting. Today in this article we will tell you both the religious and scientific importance of Namaskar. Read About Corona Virus Covid-19 (Chines Virus) another. Source. . . .