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The greatest fear hides the greatest opportunity!

The greatest fear hides the greatest opportunity!, Mara Mara, Whatsapp university, Romania,
The greatest fear hides the greatest opportunity!

If I knew what emotions were good for, I would be half calm! My mind constantly needs arguments, it needs to know the answer to the questions:

“Why ?” ,”How ?”.

I am often afraid of my reaction, in fact of its transposition into behavior.There are many situations in which I am “thrown” in the arena and I have to manage daily the emotions I feel in the relationship with others: beneficiaries, colleagues, suppliers, authorities, achieve the objectives in the most efficient way and to obtain the maximum possible result from a context………. Read More about Spanish Flu

There were many times when I confused stress with the flow of emotions!

In time and with exercise, I made a distinction between the two, I learned to identify before all emotions, to accept them giving them time to manifest, not to bother to suppress them but to understand what they want to communicate to me.

It was necessary to work on how I perceive, what representation and what meaning you attribute to the event or stimulus, so as to decipher the secret code of emotion.

But every time the question “Why do I have emotions” remains?

I get so upset when I show up, it consumes my energy, I spend nights thinking about all kinds of scenarios, I get sick, etc.

Wouldn’t it be better without them? I felt the need to know the process to answer this question.

The pragmatic mind demanded its right to understand!

The answer for me came when, to the question “Why does the man run away when he sees the bear?” the answer is not “fear” but “run away because his life is threatened.”

In common parlance we say we run away from fear or dread, but the motivation behind the statement is that we run away because we want to protect ourselves or survive.

The result is the same: the man runs away, but the perspective is different.

Through emotion the body gives signals and if we know how to identify them correctly the meaning is great because it helps us a lot.

Robert Plutchik’s theory attaches a function to each basic emotion and we identify 4 pairs of emotions: fear – anger, anticipation – surprise, joy – sadness, disgust – confidence.

What becomes very interesting is that by combining the basic emotions we can define the other emotions we feel.

Studies show that we can experience about 34,000 emotions.

The great challenge of life is to have great, noble dreams to hold on to, because they are the warp from which the future sprinkled with valuable possibilities will be woven.

Mankind’s greatest achievements began by planting dreams. A forest is born from a single acorn.

Whole fields are born from a grain of corn.Likewise, dreams are the seeds of all future realities.

No matter what choices you make in life, fight for your dreams!

Every day has something wonderful to offer.Depression is a trap for our souls.

So is sadness. Lack of trust. Fear of the future.All these negative emotions are thieves of time and hope.They give us the feeling that no matter what we do and how hard we try, it is not enough.

That we will never have that fulfilled life we dreamed of.That success is just a fantasy and that happiness is something we cling to in order to have a reason to get out of bed every day.

That’s what negative thoughts do.This is where I go.At the point where although you go through life with your eyes open you are not able to see anything of what surrounds you.

You can’t change the way you think or see things overnight.

Change is a long process. You have to practice and correct yourself for days on end, until you discover that positive thinking is something natural, not forced, something that comes from your soul and you don’t have to change it because you have succeeded.

We should all see, feel, experience the gifts of life, the miracle around us, the beauty of each day. We all have this chance.

So, open your eyes and look, just look at what surrounds you!

Realize that you lose all this wonder of everyone if you are sad, angry, depressed or discouraged.

Don’t you want all this ? Don’t you feel the worries and frustrations go away when you look at the clear sky ? Don’t you feel capable of great things just looking at the opportunities around you?

It is time to see the greatness and grandeur of life.

It’s time to finally open your eyes…

Rejoice that you see the sunrise and don’t complicate everything that is simple!


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