How do manicure at home and how to do gel manicure at home? What is manicure gel?

What is a manicure and how to do a Home manicure?

Best Steps of Manicure at home:

What is a manicure? An impressive manicure is not just about filing the nails and coating them with nail polish. It’s an elaborate ritual – just like how you take care of your face. And who said you have to pay through your nose to a manicure to get fabulous nails? You can do it yourself from the comfort of your home. Here’s a simple guide you can follow to treat yourself to a home manicure.

Easy Manicure at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide Hoe to manicure at home?

Best Summary how to do manicure at home?

how manicure at home
how manicure at home

How do manicure at home?

The hands are exposed daily to many aggressions: cold, water, manual work … It is essential to take care of them every day by applying a protective cream and to give them more specific care once a week. Find out how to do a manicure at home. How do manicure at home as mentioned below:

1.File your nails

  • How do manicure at home?

To do a manicure, start by filing your nails after removing your nail polish.

  • Avoid cutting your nails as this weakens them.
  • Use a glass file or a cardboard file (emery file).
  • File by sliding the file from one end of the nail to the other, avoiding back and forth movements that may also weaken the nail.
  • Then pass the tip of the file or a boxwood stick under the nail to bring out the filaments that could have slipped in.
  • Repeat a pass with the file to eliminate them.

2.Soak your nails

The second step of the manicure is soaking the hands in warm soapy water. This will soften cuticles and cravings. It will then be easier to work on them.

  • Use a manicure bowl or, more simply, a bowl that you have at home.
  • Immerse your fingertips in soapy water.
  • Soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Dry your hands with a clean towel.

Tip: you can put a little black soap paste on your cuticles before immersing them in water. This will help soften them.

3.Push back the cuticles

When you do a manicure at home, think about the cuticles: this is the small bulge of skin that protects the nail. They sometimes overflow on the nail, so they must be pushed back.

  • Use a boxwood stick or cuticle repellent (also called crowbar). If you use a boxwood stick, it is recommended to wrap a little cotton on the beveled tip to avoid injury.
  • Gently push the cuticles upwards by sliding to the surface of the nail.

Important: do not cut the cuticle because it protects the nail.

How to remove dip manicure at home?

4.Cut cravings

Cravings are the small skins, more or less hard, that form on the sides of the nail. They tend to be pulled out with our teeth, which sometimes causes bleeding.

  • To remove these small skins, use a pair of tongs.
  • Gently slide the edge of the pliers under the skin to be cut.
  • Close the pliers firmly, without pulling, so as not to tear off the skin.
How to do gel manicure at home?

how to get off gel manicure at home? Use a specific emollient gel to be applied to the entire perimeter of the nail. Massage a few minutes with your finger to help loosen the cuticles. Then, bring a metal stick, more effective than the boxwood one, and repel small skins. This must be done effortlessly and painlessly. If they have trouble leaving, don’t push for it. And adopt daily the application of a specific softening oil on the cuticles. It’s a long-term job. It is better, therefore, to be patient if you want to overcome these little desires.

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To file natural nails, you want the least abrasive,” adds Annarica (her official name), owner of Raw Vanity Nail Bar. She recommends a fine-grained nail file, to gently file their tip (note: choose files for “natural nails”, they are less abrasive than those for gel or acrylic nails). As for the action to print with the file, “your movements must always be in the same direction and gently”, to reduce the friction that can wear and damage your nails.

5.Make a hand scrub

For soft hands, perform a hand scrub during your manicure. Exfoliation will eliminate dead skin.

  • Apply a grain scrub product to your hands. You can use a specific hand scrub bought commercially or make your product yourself.
  • Rub your hands together as when you wash your hands.
  • Make small circular motions on each finger with the thumb of the other hand, emphasizing the knuckles.
  • Make circular motions with your thumb on top and the palm of your hand.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Dry hands with a clean towel.

6.Nourish your cuticles

How to remove dip manicure at home? Apply oil to nourish your cuticles.

  • Place a drop of vegetable oil or special cuticle oil on each nail.
  • Massage gently in small circular motions to raise the cuticles and penetrate the oil.
  • You can then use a tissue to remove excess oil.

7.Clean and whiten your nails

At this stage of the manicure, you can lightly whiten your nails with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Use a boxwood stick whose tip you have covered with a little cotton.
  • Soak the tip in hydrogen peroxide.
  • Run the tip of the stick under the edge of the nail and go back and forth several times.
  • Immerse your hands in warm, soapy water to rinse them off.
  • Finish cleaning your nails using a nail brush.

8.Polish your nails to make them shine

Last step before a possible application of varnish: polishing the nail.

  • Equip yourself with a two- or four-sided polisher.
  • Pass the roughest face on the surface of the nail to eliminate roughness.
  • Then use the middle side to polish the nail. If you want to apply varnish, stop at this stage, otherwise the nail will be too smooth and the nail polish will not hold.
  • To make the nail shine, use the thinnest side of the polisher and rub the surface of the nail. Be careful not to insist too much, otherwise the nail will heat up slightly.