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Maldives History Timeline

  • About 1100 islands of the Maldives, a small country in the Indian Ocean south of India, are no less than a sight of nature. These islands, formed by the gathering of corals for millions of years, appear light blue in color and their white sand banks seem to dissolve in the sea.

    Maldives History
    Maldives History
  • The specialty of the islands of Maldives is that they are very clean and their banks are made of white fine sand sand. Where the land descends into the sea, the water looks colorless. Green when moving a little further, light blue at a distance, and dark blue in the middle sea. The color of the water also changes as the depth of the sea increases.

Is Maldives a country?

Is Maldives a country?

  • There are 1192 small coral islands in the Maldives. There are 26 archipelagos of these islands. A total of two hundred islands are inhabited by local population. There are 89 resorts on 12 islands for tourists. Maldives is situated on the sea with such beauty that if you are not in the capital Male, then you will feel like being on the sea every moment there.

History on Maldives

  • country’s capital Maale
  • Country Currency Maldivian Rufiyaa
  • Language of Maldives: Dhivehi or Divehi , is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the South Asian
  • Continent name Asia

History of Maldives Timeline

A comparative study of Maldivian oral, linguistic and cultural traditions and customs confirms that the first settlers were Dravidians, who came from Kerala in the Sangam period (BCE 300–300 CE). They were probably fishermen from the south-west coast of the Indian subcontinent and the west coast of Sri Lanka. One such community is the Giraavaru people who are descendants of the ancient Tamils. Ancient legends and local folklore describe the founding of the capital and the illustrious rule of Male.

They are believed to have been the first community to settle on the island. The accord granting full political independence to the Maldives was signed by Prime Minister Ibrahim Nasir Ranbanderi Kilegafan on behalf of His Majesty the Sultan and Sir Michael Walker, Ambassador to the Maldivian Islands on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. The ceremony was held on 26 July 1965 at the residence of the British High Commissioner in Colombo.

The Maldives remained under Hindu kings till the twelfth century. Later it also became the center of Buddhism. Tamil Chola kings have also ruled here. But after that it slowly went on turning into a Muslim nation. Islam is the official religion of Maldives. “A non-Muslim cannot become a citizen of Maldives”.

Modern Maldives History

Maldives is a Sunni Muslim majority country. The previous President Yameen promoted religious fundamentalism in the country. Many youths from here went to Syria and joined ISIS.

Maldives over the water bungalow

Maldives over the water bungalow:

maldives over the water bungalow
Maldives over the water bungalow
  • Maldives for Honeymoon

one of best honeymoon destination Maldives for honeymoon: Maldives is a best honeymoon destination for couples. Here you can enjoy with your partner to the fullest. You will hardly get to see such a wonderful sunset anywhere other than here. Seeing such a beautiful sight, your mind will feel very relaxed and peaceful.

  • Maldives for vacation

Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world for a holiday. The beaches of Maldives are much cleaner than other beach side holiday destinations around the world.

  • Maldives resort

Maldives famous of resort. Also, you will not find comfort and relaxation like the resorts here. Along with this, you can also enjoy the marine life in Maldives, which has won your heart with its beauty, and if you are fond of adventure, then you can also enjoy many other water sports like scuba diving here. Maldives all inclusive resort.

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