Ligia Romano


Ligia Romano

As I am a Portugese artist , I will pretend to tell you a true love story, I am in love also….“Life is a gift” Artista plástica pintura e escultura!
Formação em eng. do ambiente, especialista em projectos 3D e animação realista 3D cad, visual studio…. experiência em arquitectura design criação de peças de design… ROMANO Ligia

King D. Pedro

Well this True story happens in 1357 -1367 between Spain and Portugal! There were a king call D. Pedro who rule in Portugal then , he married a Queen call Constança from Galiza Spain , she brings are company lady Ines with her to Portugal! ROMANO Ligia

King of Portugal (1357-1367)

Pedro is chiefly known for his love of Ines de Castro, the Hispanic maidservant that his father had killed in 1355. Pedro led at least two revolts against his father before acceeding to the throne. Once he was king he announced that he had married Ines de Castro in secret and that she, despite dead, was queen of Portugal. This fact is based only in the king’s word. As king, Pedro I was a surprising succes. True he brutally murdered the killers of Ines de Castro, but he also persercuted felons of all classes, and instituted reforms to free the Portuguese Crown and Church from papal intervention. His wife, Constanza (1320-1349), had been a Castillian princess, and it was for this reason, Pedro joined an Aragonese invasion of Castile-Léon
He was born on April 8, 1320 in Coimbra. ROMANO Ligia

His parents were Alfonso IV and Beatriz de Castilla. He restored privileges to the municipalities and instituted the royal consent, a measure that sought to revalue the royal power against the papacy and the clergy. He enjoyed great popularity, in addition to being a vigilante, he was generous, lazy, and he liked to eat, dance and sing in the streets of Lisbon.

Still an infant, and married in a second marriage to the Castilian noblewoman Constanza, he fell in love with Inés de Castro, lady of the court. The anticipation of the influence on the future king of the Castro family, were considered pernicious for the Portuguese political interests. Inés de Castro was assassinated and the queen was publicly recognized after her death.

After these events, Don Pedro rebelled against his father, attacking various lands north of the Duero and trying to conquer the city of Porto. With his arrival to the throne he demanded the extradition of the executors of the death of his beloved, who suffered relentless punishment. Pedro I died on January 18, 1367. Don Pedro and Doña Inés de Castro lie together in the Alcobaça monastery.

he married a Queen call Constança from Galiza Spain
Kind D. Pedro

D.Pedro the king fall in love completely amazing with  Inês de Castro ( from Spain). Then they married secretly and have 4 beautiful child’s !!! But in matters 1345 someone kill the ve noble and beautiful Ines!The heart of king was completely broken and afte FB hunt the killers of his beloved ve a Queen Ines de Castro , he decide to proclame her Queen  after death ! Read History of Spain
Love is fire, with can’t see !

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Ligia Romano

Painter and Sculpture

Lisboa, Portugal