It Only Takes One: What Are You Doing?

It Only Takes One: What Are You Doing?
Laura Nutt

It Only Takes One: What Are You Doing?

It only takes one to begin to shift the atmosphere. Actions speak louder than words and there are way too many alarms loudly sounded to have the excuse to be ignorant of what is going on. Words are vital, but expressing actual Agape by standing up against those who promote evil is true life, inclusiveness, and all human responsibility! We must take a stand against the violence, hatred, prejudice, murders, rioting, destruction, vandalism, racism, beatings, danger, and slander that has risen up and has been flowing through the streets. This is not ever justice. It Only Take.

It only worsens the horrific murders of innocent lives by inexcusable evil acts of violence with more violence, keeping the cycle going. The peaceful protest with all from all walks of life standing today and echoing the same message of justice, equality, love, peace, diversity and hope through being the difference and being the change we want is moving toward making that happen. Our gift to the world is to sacrifice our biases, excuses, judgments, criticisms, fears, to rock the world together to save it! It Only Take.

We have to remember that even in the toughest of times, there is always beauty to be found in every circumstance. Sometimes you may need to look a little harder, or shift your perspective. If you seek you will find! It all starts with a choice that you make to an action or inaction. You cannot not choose, so why not make it a wise one! It Only Take.

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It is interesting how so many people are so quick to overlook a “true diamond.” Simply because people are not willing to “excavate” past their “coal of biases” to invest in and extract the beauty that lies beyond the limits of their vision. This results in people completely missing out on the brilliance and radiance of who you are and what you have to offer! It Only Take.

Search out others who support you, encourage you, but also who are kind in telling you the truth, and hold you accountable! You can find other “diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires”, etc. and you will create some highly desirable, durable and beautiful “jewelry” together for all the world to admire! Remember that you and all those who have felt that same pain and prejudice through stepping out in faith are a Total Win and you are Victorious Overcomers! You were meant for greater things, and those who doubted you couldn’t have handled your awesomeness anyway! Keep climbing! It Only Take.

 As you climb, take time to be mindful that everyone is in their own journey and path. Therefore, everyone’s time and efforts are just as valuable as our own. When someone reaches out to you, at least acknowledging them in their courage in asking for help. Not doing this is actually quite rude and disrespectful. I work to promote a community of support, diversity, encouragement, love, connection, learning, and sharing. We must always be mindful in how we show, are truly respectful in active listening, working and creating a safe space, and hearing others before jumping to judging them. Being silent and complacent due to a fear of hurting someone’s feelings, rather than speaking the truth wrapped in love is doing more harm than good! Proceed with caution, as speaking is important, be mindful of your words as they hold great power! There is never a need to be rude or disrespectful regarding someone else’s different views, beliefs, status, appearance, background, experience, comments, etc. Everyone has the right to state their purpose, beliefs, experience and the essence of who they are, and this should be appreciated and celebrated not judged because of personal biases! Show Agape because we are in this together and are stronger because of it! Read more Laura Nutt Articles

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Start by humbling yourself! It is not a fun experience, but absolutely necessary for action, growth and positive change no matter how hard or uncomfortable it gets! True story! Humility is what actually makes you beautiful and attractive because it draws others to you so you have many more opportunities to spread love and blessings. Humble and loving people are inspirational!! It Only Take.

News Flash, nobody really likes the person who is all about their self and believes that they are higher or more “special” than others. We all have aspects of this within in us in different areas and to varying degrees. Take off the mask, step out in authenticity, check yourself, and be humble and love others no matter what because that’s what truly matters! We are in this together! It Only Take.

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