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How to increase metabolism naturally: Metabolism how to improve by food

What is metabolism? How to boost metabolism naturally?

How to increase metabolism naturally? Metabolism, also called metabolism or digestion, is the process by which our body consumes energy and burns calories. It works 24/7 to keep all the processes in our body going. Whether we work, walk or sleep, our bodies are always converting nutrients into energy. This is necessary for renewing cells, making hormones, enzymes, hair, nails and so on.

This process can be slow or fast. The speed and intensity of the metabolism therefore differs from person to person. But what determines whether our digestion is fast or slow?

The answer might be a bit disappointing… it’s largely down to our genes. Do your parents have slow digestion? Then there is a good chance that you also have more trouble losing weight.

increase metabolism
increase metabolism

What can make your metabolism even more slow?

We can’t blame everything on our genes. Because the main causes for a poor metabolism are often poor nutrition and moderate or hardly any exercise. That certainly plays a limiting role as you get older. The good news is that you can do quite a lot to give your metabolism a real boost.

How to Increase Metabolism Naturally?

With these 20 tips you increase your metabolism:

  1.  Do strength training

    Do a sport 3 times a week where the focus is on strengthening your muscles and you will burn more calories while sitting on the couch or even when you sleep! This is because muscle cells consume more energy than fat cells. The more muscles, the faster your metabolism.

  2. Get rid of that belly

    Belly fat lowers your metabolism and is also dangerous because the risk of heart disease increases if you carry too much fat on your stomach. Go for a regular walk, swim or bike ride and eat as little saturated fat as possible. Burning belly fat takes time, so you need a little patience.

  3.  Get enough rest

    Too little sleep can cause you to burn fewer calories (no energy to exercise), not control appetite (tired = more cravings for snacking and unhealthy eating) and experience an increase in cortisol levels, which stores fat.

  4.  Stop crashing

    If you eat less than your body needs for basal metabolism regularly or for a longer period of time, you lower your metabolism. Your muscle mass will also decrease and those muscles will help to increase your metabolism.

  5. Use spicy herbs

    Not only do herbs and spices have many health-promoting effects, but studies have also shown that spicy herbs increase your metabolic rate at rest. So you can get started today to increase your metabolism. Favorable genes or not, a faster metabolism is partly in your own hands. On to a healthy weight through a nutritious diet and sufficient exercise!

  6. Stay hydrated Staying

hydrated is essential to be healthy, but also to activate the metabolism. Water is essential for the body and you would have to drink about 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men. In addition, it is better that the water is cold, because the body, when heated, will accelerate the metabolism.

Kristýna Véberová
Kristýna Véberová
  1. Practice aerobic physical activity

It’s obvious, but it’s important to mention it. Sport is key to speeding up metabolism. In any of its forms it helps to activate the body, but in what interests us today, the best is aerobic physical activity, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, etc.

Several meals a day, small portions

There has been a lot of talk about making small and frequent meals accelerates the metabolism since, it is said, in this way we make it always active. Unfortunately, for now there is little scientific evidence to fully support it. Still, what’s clear is that eating multiple times but in small portions can keep you from overeating, so we mentioned that.

Increase protein intake

Metabolism how to improve? There are studies that indicate that the consumption of foods rich in protein can stimulate the burning of calories by more than 30%. Due to this and the benefits that protein products have on general health, we should increase the consumption of healthy proteins in our diet if we want to accelerate our metabolism: meat (better if it is white), fish, eggs, legumes, dairy, nuts … increase metabolism. 

 Drink green tea

How to boost metabolism rate? There are studies that indicate that consuming about 2 cups of green tea a day stimulates our metabolic activity, especially thanks to the contribution it has of catechin, a substance that increases thermogenesis (generate heat) and the oxidation of fats. increase metabolism. 

Train fasting

How to boost metabolism to lose weight? Practicing some aerobic physical activity on an empty stomach, that is, on an empty stomach, is a very good way to speed up the metabolism. And it is that these fasting workouts favor the burning of fats and, therefore, contribute especially to lose weight. increase metabolism. 

 Fats, healthy

It is an absolute myth that fats are bad. It is true that saturated and especially trans are unhealthy, but unsaturated should be part of our diet yes or yes, especially if we want to accelerate our metabolism. The best sources of healthy fats are oily fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil, sunflower seeds, legumes, eggs, corn, saffron…

Take care of your NEAT

The NEAT is the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, that is, all that energy that we consume in activities that are not sleeping, eating or practicing sports. That is, all the daily activities that make us burn calories almost without realizing it. Walking to work, climbing stairs, doing housework, writing, working… We must try to increase our energy expenditures in these activities, as they will contribute to the burning of calories. increase metabolism. 

Progress in your training

Increase metabolism by Training: It is important that we do not let our body get used to it and relax too much with workouts. If we want to increase our metabolism by the action of sport, it is important that, within our capabilities and limits, we surprise the body and demand more, either by greater intensity, more time or, in case we do strength, more weight.

 Prioritize complex carbohydrates over simple ones

How to increase metabolism food? Simple carbohydrates, present in fruits, milk, white plan, jam, pastries, etc., are those that give energy very quickly, but for a short time. This opens the door for much of the glucose not to be used and become fatty tissue, something that does not interest us.

Instead, we must prioritize complex carbohydrates in our diet, which are those that give us the energy we need it: without haste but without pause. These complex carbohydrates will help us activate our metabolism and are present in pasta, rice, cereals, bread, oats, corn, potatoes, etc. increase metabolism. 

Consume Omega 3

Which foods boost metabolism? If you are going to consume fats, try to make them healthy, that is, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. (if you do not know how to differentiate these types of fats, you can read our article: “Types of fats (good and bad) and their functions“). One type of fat that will benefit you in terms of accelerating metabolism is omega-3 fatty acids. This is why nutrition experts recommend eating fish. increase metabolism. 

Give up alcohol

How to increase metabolism after 40? Alcohol not only provides a large amount of empty calories and increases the risk of developing all kinds of diseases, but it “slows down” the metabolism. Therefore, one of the best habits you can acquire is to abandon alcohol or, at least, reduce its consumption almost to a minimum.

Give up alcohol
Give up alcohol.

Start with organic food

increase metabolism by organic foods: In many respects, organic foods, beyond marketing, don’t hide too many palpable health benefits. But there is something that has been demonstrated. And it is that these organic foods, when grown without pesticides, seem to increase our metabolic rate since they expose the thyroid gland to fewer toxins, which is very important to control, through the hormones it produces and releases, the speed of metabolism.

Sleep well

Sleeping the necessary hours and getting these to be of quality is essential for the metabolism to work as it should. A single night of poor sleep can cause our metabolic rate the next day to drop by up to 20%. Hence, it is important to follow the following sleep hygiene tips. increase metabolism. 

Increase your intake of the following foods

How to increase metabolism food? There are no foods that will magically accelerate our metabolism, but there are some that, in synergy with the other habits we have seen, can help it. Some of those that have been scientifically proven to be optimal to increase metabolism are coffee, products rich in fiber, foods rich in iron (seafood, spinach, beans, lean meats …), foods rich in vitamin D (milk, salmon, tuna, eggs …), hard foods (chewing we already spend energy) and nuts. What food to boost metabolism? increase metabolism. 

Which vitamins boost metabolism?

Which vitamins boost metabolism? Vitamin D is best for boost metabolism, someone recommended vitamin b also with vitamin D as well as omega D3.

Exposure to cold

Our survival instinct leads us to hide and run away from the cold. But the reality is that exposing ourselves to low temperatures in winter is one of the best ways to activate our metabolism, because the body will generate heat to maintain body temperature. Daring to do outdoor sports when it’s cold is one of the best things we can do.

Avoid sugary drinks

What to drink to boost metabolism? Sugary drinks are a huge source of sugar, a simple carbohydrate that, as we have said, we must flee from if we want to accelerate our metabolism in a healthy way. Therefore, we must avoid all these products. increase metabolism. 


What to take to boost metabolism? We all love to laugh, but the truth is that laughter has many more benefits for our health than we think. When we laugh, we put more than 400 different muscles into operation and, with about 100 laughs, we are burning the same calories as doing 15 minutes of cycling. So, to activate our metabolism, we have to laugh more.

Avoid stress

How to boost metabolism naturally? It is fully studied that experiencing psychological stress negatively affects metabolism. That is why we must take measures so that, if we suffer it, we can combat it. This ranges from changing jobs if it makes us live with stress to starting to practice meditation. Know your body and give it what it needs. increase metabolism. 

Eat several times a day

how to boost my metabolism? Some individuals have the belief that by eating much less they will lose many more calories. It is true that if we eat less than we spend we can lose weight, but it is not worth stopping eating or eating very little. increas

e metabolism. 

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