5 Tips How To Increase Buttocks Size Naturally Home Remedy?

How To Increase Buttocks Naturally In 30 Days By Home Remedy

How to increase female buttocks size? The buttocks are one of the parts of the body considered by women most important in the aesthetics of their figure. However, if many of us genes do not help us, we would have to go to gym hours to increase the buttocks. Nevertheless. There are ingredients that have properties that will help us enlarge the part of the buttocks and you can check it in just 20 days. Take note and get to work.

How To Increase Buttocks Size Naturally
How To Increase Buttocks Size Naturally

Getting firm and high buttocks is a goal of many women, especially in view of the summer when bikinis and shorts put the b-side in the foreground. But also in the rest of the year it is important to have firm buttocks and a healthy physique.

Home remedies to lift buttocks: Do you want to show off a firmer, livelier and bulkier ass without going through the operating room or undergoing expensive treatments? Put these simple changes into your daily routine and you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to lift your buttocks and increase and define their size. Promised!

For some time, a prominent and upward butt has ceased to be a complex to become the target of many women. Jennifer López and Kim Kardashian are some of the celebrities who proudly show their curves and voluptuous buttocks , becoming an object of desire for both men and women.

So much so that already in 2016 the Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (SECPRE) verified that the demand for gluteoplasty, the intervention that increases the size of the buttocks, had grown between 20 and 30% in just two years.

1. What Food Increase Buttock Size

What Food Increase Buttock Size
What Food Increase Buttock Size

Take Only Nutritious Foods

How to increase buttocks size naturally? Forget about junk food and industrial pastries. Eat healthy, natural foods that provide the nutrients your body needs. Take good amounts of the following foods:

  • Lettuce
  • Cabbages
  • Carrots
  • Chard
  • Spinach
  • Beets
  • Cucumbers
  • Asparagus
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Defatted cheese
  • Skimmed yogurt and milk
  • Fresh fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Chicken or turkey (removed skin)
  • Fish, egg whites, oatmeal
  • Occasionally small portions of lean red meat
  • Always drink plenty of water.
Decreases The Consumption Of Saturated And Trans Fats

Consume less of bad fats and be careful with those hidden in animal foods. This is essential to get the result you want. Instead include plant-based fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocados and unsweetened peanut butter in your diet.

Don’t Skip The Diet

Training and exercise play a critical role in getting a bigger hip and butt, but diet is also essential.

Go to a nutritionist or doctor, follow their doctor’s advice and do what is best for you. You have to always want to be realistic about your expectations, but you have to have faith that it is your body and that you can shape it according to your desires with a little hard work and perseverance.

2. How To Widen The Hips With Yoga?

There are several yoga poses that help widen and enlarge the hips. There are 21 muscles that support hip movements. To stretch, develop and widen them we must do these postures or asanas:

  • Baddha Konasana.
  • Anjaneyasana.
  • Supta Kapotasana.
  • Balasana.
  • Malasana.

3. Exercise To Increase Buttocks And Hips

Firm Buttocks, 20 Really Effective Exercises

1. Squats

They tone the legs but also the buttocks: they are an exercise that helps you burn calories, tone and eliminate cellulite from the legs, strengthening the muscles at the same time. Squats are therefore the essential exercise of our list: strengthen hip exercises.
The ideal is to proceed gradually, starting with 3 sets of 10 squats and going up as the weeks go by.

2. Lifting The Pelvis

Lie down on the ground with your arms along your body and bend your legs leaving the sole of your foot in contact with the floor. Then raise your pelvis upwards so that your body has a triangular shape and leaving your shoulders attached to the ground. Lower the pelvis without touching the floor and then raise. Do repetitions of 10 by 4 times.

3. Rear Thrusts

Buttocks exercise to increase size: Put your legs back and stretch one leg backwards keeping a straight line with your back: then raise your leg beyond the line of your back and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise in series of 10 for 2 times per side.

4. Lateral Thrusts On The Side

Lie on your side and rest your head on the arm you have on the ground. Bring the other arm forward to lean on it and maintain balance more easily. Then raise the leg upwards and lower it without touching it with the leg on the ground. Do 15 repetitions, then change sides and legs and continue for 3 sets. How to increase hip bone density?

5. Frontal Lunges

Standing, with your back straight and your feet slightly apart, take a step forward and lower yourself while always keeping your back straight: bend your leg forward until it forms an angle of 90 ° and bend it behind without leaning against the floor. Return to the starting position by holding the unfolded position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Make series of 10 for at least 2 times.

6. Abdominals

Obviously designed for the belly, the abdominals can also help the legs and buttocks. Do these special push-ups while keeping your buttocks firmly anchored to the mat while raising your torso. Then go and raise your knees towards your head “halfway”: in this way the buttocks will benefit. Be especially careful never to bend your head: in this way you are not working any useful muscle, but only straining the vertebrae of the neck. Make three sets of 15 folds.

7. Leap Down

Stand with your left leg bent in front of you, your knee at hip level. Force your buttocks as you slowly bend your body forward, bringing both hands to the ground as you extend your left leg directly behind you. Stand still for a few seconds, then return to the initial position and then go to repeat.

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8. Donkey Kicks

Put yourself on all fours, with your wrists well under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Keeping your hips perpendicular to the ground and your knees bent at 90 degrees, tighten your buttocks and lift your right foot to the sky, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling with the sole of the shoe. Be very careful not to arch your back so as not to have spinal problems or injuries. Inhale as you lower your leg. Do a set of 15 kicks per leg, before moving on to the other, three times in total.

9. Step Up

The step up is the simulation of a climb of steps, so this exercise is not only useful to the buttocks, but also to the quadriceps. Position yourself in front of a higher surface, whether it is a bench, a box or steps, with your hands on your hips. Put your right foot on the box leaving the left firmly on the ground.

Climb up by pressing on the right heel until the opposite foot reaches the box finding yourself in an upright position on the box and return and down without ever losing the tension on the leg that is working. Avoid leaning too far forward during the climb, but try to maintain verticality. Go up and down like this 15 times, then change your leg. At least 3 sets.

Increase Hip Naturally
Increase Hip Naturally
10. Deadlifts With Handlebars

Increase hip flexibility: From an upright position and with the peids to the width of the hips, hold a handlebar in each hand in front of the thighs, with the palms facing your body. Lower the weights down by flexing the torso forward and bending your knees and then pull them up. The back must remain as blocked as possible: it must not change inclination. From the ground, up to the knee, you must only go down using your legs, straining the quadriceps. Only once you get to the knee can you actively extend your hip and bring your pelvis close to the dumbbells. increase hip mobility.

11. Bulgarian Squat

The correct execution of the exercise involves the use of a bench, a medium-sized box or a rise in general that does not exceed the level of the knees, but is approximately at the same height. Stand with the bench behind you with your feet at the same width as your shoulders. Bring the instep of one leg resting on the bench (the tibia, or “shin”, should not touch the bench), leaving the other foot on the ground resting with the leg stretched out.

Adjust the distance from the bench and the width of the foot on the ground looking for a comfortable position in which you feel stable. About 80-90% of the load falls on the foot on the ground. Flex your knee (bend your leg) and start to descend, almost touching the ground with the knee of the back leg. Climb up by extending the knee. Repeat the exercise in series of 10 for 2 times per side.

12. Jump Squat

This exercise is a more challenging version of the classic squat, so before you start doing it we recommend that you learn the correct execution of the classic squat. Position yourself in an upright position, legs spread wide shoulder width; arms outstretched forward. Bend your legs and go down, controlling the movement, until you arrive in complete squat. Once in this position, jump explosively upwards, helping you with a slight movement of the arms. Cushion with the legs the arrival phase (very important not to land with the full sole of the foot or on the heel). Do repetitions of 4 to 3 times.

13. Step Diagonally

How to increase butt size? Climb the step with your right foot, taking care to place it firmly on the left side of the step, with the entire sole of the foot including the heel. Then bring your left leg forward, raise your knee upwards, in the direction of your chest, and place your left foot on the ground. Then go down the step with your right foot and repeat the exercise on the opposite side. Repeat the exercise in series of 10.

14. Single Leg Bridge
Lie on your stomach with your knees bent and your feet resting on the width of your pelvis. This is the same starting position of exercise 2(lifting the pelvis)and in fact it is a variant, more challenging. When you get up with your pelvis, in fact, you must also stretch one leg upwards and then lower and raise the leg. Before changing legs, raise and lift it 4 times, for a total of 4 sets.
15. Kettlebell Swing

This exercise makes use of the kettlebell, a gymnastic tool consisting of a spherical weight with a central handle. To try this exercise it is essential to perform it correctly, so you will have to pay attention to: load (not higher than that allowed by your own strength) and posture.

16. Good Morning

Don’t let yourself be out of the cute name of the exercise! It’s actually really challenging, but that’s why it leads to the best results.

To perform the Good Morning, start by standing with your feet spread apart at the width of your hips, your tips of your feet pointed forward, your knees slightly bent. Hands should be straight or crossed on the chest. Pivot on your hips and push your buttocks back, keeping your lower legs perpendicular to the floor. Keeping your back flat, continue to lower your torso towards the floor until you feel a firm stretching of the hamstrings, or that the back begins to round. Then press on your feet and reverse the movement, using your hamstrings and core to stand. Repeat 8 times.

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17. Pistol Squat

The Pistol Squat is simply the squat performed with one leg. The other remains extended forward, providing a counterweight to the movement. Start with your feet shoulder-wide, crouch on both legs until you are as low as possible, then lift one foot off the ground. Hold this position on one leg for about 10 seconds, then change. Then return to the starting position and repeat increasing training after workout the time spent on both legs to increase strength.

20. Do Aerobic Exercises

Everyone knows that aerobic exercise is important for controlling excess weight and getting in shape,  even if sometimes it’s not enough. Few bodybuilders do aerobics, but almost all have toned buttocks and worked hips.

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4. Masks To Increase The Buttocks

Another way to increase the buttocks naturally is to apply in the area some homemade masks made with products that have firming, toning and moisturizing properties. Take note of the following recipes and do not forget to combine them with a good diet and the realization of exercises that tone the buttocks.

  • Cucumber and egg mask: Does egg yolk increase hips? blend 1 small cucumber with 1 egg yolk and apply the paste obtained on the buttocks giving a circular massage and leaving it on for 20 minutes. It is ideal for firming the skin of the buttocks and moisturizing it.
  • Grape mask: crush about 6 or 7 purple grapes and apply the paste you get on the buttocks massaging from the bottom up with circular movements. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Some have firming properties and fight flaccidity.
  • Apple mask: chop 2 red apples and liquefy them together with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the mask to the butt letting it act for 20 minutes. This is one of the most popular homemade creams to increase buttocks, ideal to give them more volume and tone them.
  • Avocado and honey mask: blend an avocado with 2 tablespoons of honey and apply the resulting cream on the buttocks giving a massage with upward and circular movements. The combination of avocado and honey firms and nourishes the skin from its innermost layers.

Infusions With Phytoestrogens

Among the best home remedies to increase buttocks, are infusions with phytoestrogens. These are chemical compounds that are part of the composition of some foods and natural products and that act in the female body in a similar way to estrogens, which are involved in both the growth and increase of the buttocks and bust.

Next, we detail which are medicinal plants that contain phytoestrogens so that you can make infusions with them that help you increase the buttocks quickly and naturally.

Red Clover

Red clover is a plant that contains isoflavones, which are a type of phytoestrogen that helps fight the loss of collagen in the skin and keep it at the right thickness.

To prepare the infusion, you will have to add 3 small tablespoons of red clover in a cup of boiling water and let it boil for 10 minutes. After this time, remove from heat, let stand for 10 more minutes and drink 2 cups a day for 1 month to see the results.


Fennel seeds help increase hormone levels in the woman’s body by favoring an accumulation of adipose tissue in the buttocks, so these will increase in thickness and size.

Boil 1 small tablespoon of fennel seeds in a cup of water for about 5 minutes. Let the infusion sit for about 10 minutes, strain and drink 1 or 2 cups a day.


Fenugreek is a medicinal herb that also contributes to the growth and increase of the buttocks and breasts thanks to its content of estrogenic saponins, which act like estrogen in the body and help in muscle development and increase the volume of the buttocks.

To make the fenugreek infusion, boil 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, let stand for about 10 more minutes, strain the preparation and take 1 cup a day.

Sleep In Underwear That Lifts The Bubbles

Hip enhancer underwear: Another of the most important home remedies to increase buttocks is to sleep with underwear that has a spring to help us lift the pompis or buttocks. Get underwear with a good spring that holds your buttocks and avoid thongs or lace that do not have good support. In this way your clothes will help you to avoid the bubbles while you sleep and prevent them from falling.

You will see that you follow to the letter each of the treatments you will increase your bubbles in a few days. Being able to notice the changes from the first 10 days.

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Extra Recommendations
  • Squeeze your buttocks: While cooking, in the shower, on public transport, at work, etc. Contract the buttocks whenever you can, this will help keep this area firm and upright.
  • Try to do simple exercises at least 10 or 15 minutes a day for the benefit of your bubbles. You can perform weightless squats, climb stairs, or walk fast.

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Hip Weight Age Ratio Chart

How can I increase my buttocks size? build buttock muscles chart. what increases buttock size? increase glutes size chart or increase glute size using chart.

Hip weight age chart
Hip weight age chart

Cooked Potato To Increase The Buttocks

It is one of the best home treatments to increase the volume of the buttocks without the need for surgery or gym. It is believed that potatoes or potatoes are foods that a large percentage go directly to the bubbles. And as we intend to increase and give greater volume to our buttocks is useful to include potatoes in our daily diet. It can be consumed by any form, but we recommend you avoid the fried and go for the cooked.

  1. Just boil 3 or 5 potatoes in medium pieces in a large pot.
  2. When they are boiled, deposit them in a dish and try to consume half a potato per day minimum.
  3. It is recommended that you consume the potatoes at your breakfast so that you can have enough time for all the nutrients to be absorbed before sleeping.

5. Apply Snow Cream Every Morning

Absolutely every morning you must apply the classic snow cream throughout the area of the bubbles, it is one of the best home remedies to increase buttocks quickly and effectively. Thanks to the fact that this cream is very nutritious, we will observe how the skin of the bubbles becomes firmer, without stretch marks and little by little the volume increases.

  1. The first thing you should do is apply the cream after the morning shower, throughout the buttocks area with gentle circular massages (if you bathe in the afternoon you should still apply snow in the mornings).
  2. After you have applied the cream let stand for about 3 or 5 minutes. Stay with nothing in the pomp is, at least a couple of minutes so that it calms down a little.
  3. Then you put on some underwear that helps you lift your buttocks that is; something tight and that covers a good part of the buttocks.
  4. At night reapply the cream before falling asleep so that you last all night with the cream taking effect on your buttocks. making the time that the cream lasts on the skin longer.
Creams To Firm The Buttocks, Which Ones To Choose

Even the right creams and body treatments are suitable for toning muscles and making the skin smooth and soft. Obviously the advice is to prefer products with natural ingredients. Then there are muds and bandages that prove useful for the purpose if done with constancy help to lose a few centimeters. Creams should have both nourishing oils and invigorating ingredients such as rosemary, birch, caffeine essential oil, useful to counteract cellulite and orange peel skin.

In particular, a good firming body cream has ingredients that appear in a cyclic manner, because they are universally recognized as excellent for the draining capacity on excess fluids. Among these, the best known are: Retinol, Caffeine, Menthol, L-Carnitine.

Vitamins That Are Good For The Skin

There is a very useful vitamin for the skin, the F: it serves to increase elastin, a substance that, together with collagen, makes the epidermis more compact. Olive oil has good doses of this vitamin. The advice is to use it raw. Some supplements, such as cod liver oil pearls, also help the skin. A good habit, then, is to drink every evening an herbal tea based on fennel and star anise in equal parts. They are infused for 5 minutes in boiling water. Then, after filtering it, you drink a cup of it without sugar.

Fennel and star anise tone the muscles and help circulation. The same is done by legumes and red meat, to be consumed at least twice a week: they stimulate the formation of new muscle tissue, stronger and more toned.

Firming The Buttocks With The Bath

In addition to a pleasant moment of relaxation, the bath can become a firming treatment for the whole body, including buttocks. You have to dissolve half a kilo of coarse salt in the water of the tank. Then a dozen drops of essential oils of centella asiatica and horse chestnut are added, plus five drops of birch and fucus (they are all bought in herbal medicine). So the skin becomes more toned and can eliminate toxins on its own.

Causes By Which The Buttocks or Bubbles Are Reduced

There are many factors and myths by which it is believed that the buttocks are decreasing their volume, however we will also tell you how we can recover the volume of the buttocks in a few weeks. Some of the main reasons why the buttocks are reduced are:

  • Increased lumps or deep cellulite (removes the texture of the skin).
  • Elderly. Can enlarged prostate be removed?
  • Lead a sedentary life with little or no physical activity. can enlarged prostate be fixed?
  • Unhealthy eating. what enlarged prostate means?
  • Genetic inheritance. If your parents do not have a lot of volume in the buttock area, it is likely that it will be more difficult but not impossible for you to increase the volume of your buttocks. what enlarged prostate?
  • Pregnancy. what enlarged prostate feels like?


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