Today Best Brief The History On Liberia Africa Timeline 1822

A History On Liberia Timeline

History On Liberian Timeline : The original inhabitants of Liberia were native tribal peoples. The Portuguese were the first to arrive on earth in 1461. They called it the Grain Coast. Later, in 1663, the British established trading posts on the coast, but the Dutch destroyed them and no further efforts were made to establish the area.

History of Liberia West Africa TimeLine

The History about Liberia: The country of Liberia, which means “land of the free,” was founded in 1820 by freed and African-American slaves from the United States. The first to arrive were 86 immigrants, who built the first settlement in Christopolis. The city would later be renamed to Monrovia after President James Monroe. Liberia’s first president was Joseph Jenkins Roberts.

where's liberia
where’s liberia

Over the next few years, thousands of freed slaves and African-Americans emigrated to Liberia. The Republic of Liberia was declared an independent country on July 26, 1847. The government and constitution were similar to those of the United States. However, the natives were not allowed to participate and, even later, their voting rights were limited. The real Whig Party ruled the country and all aspects of Liberia until 1980. On April 12, 1980, local Liberians under the leadership of Sergeant Major Samuel K. Doe overthrew the government and executed many officials. Since then, violence and unrest have been the situation in the country.

History On Liberia West Africa

Liberia History and events:

  • Liberia Official name: Republic of Liberia
  • Liberia Location: West African coast between Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast and the Atlantic Ocean
  • Liberia Land area: 43,000 square miles (111,369 square kilometers)
  • Liberia Capital: Monrovia
  • Liberia Official language: English
  • Liberia Form of Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • Liberia Date of foundation: January 7, 1822
  • Liberia Date of Independence: July 26, 1847
  • Liberia Current Constitution adopted: 6 January 1986
  • Liberia Main Economic Activity: Mining
  • Liberia Main exports: gold, passenger and cargo ships, crude oil, iron ore and rubber
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Religion in Liberia Country

The Major Religions Practised In Liberia

Rank Religion Percentage of population adhering to the religion
1 Protestant 76.3%
2 Muslim 12.2%
3 Catholic 7.2%
4 Other Christian 1.6%
5 Unaffiliated 1.4%
6 Other faiths 1.3%
The History On Liberia Africa
The History On Liberia Africa

Culture Fashion of Liberia

The Cultural History of Liberia Africa: Liberia’s culture is inspired by the southern heritage of the United States of its Liberian-American settlers and the people of the country’s 16 indigenous and migratory groups. English remains the official language of Liberia, although the languages of indigenous peoples are widely spoken. About 85.5 percent of the Liberian population practices Christianity, while Muslims make up 12.2 percent of the population.

The embroidery and quilting skills of its black American settlers are now firmly rooted in Liberian art, while the music of the southern United States blends with ancient African rhythms, harmonies, and dances. Christian music is popular, with hymns sung a cappella in the traditional African style.

In literature, Liberian authors have contributed to writings in genres ranging from folk art to human rights, equality and diversity. Among the most influential Liberian authors, WEB Du Bois and Marcus Garvey wrote about the need for Africans to develop their own “Africa for Africans! identity, demand autonomy and reject the European vision of Africa as having a society without culture.

Education is compulsory for Liberian children between the ages of 7 and 16 and is provided free of charge at the primary and secondary levels. The country’s leading institutes of higher education include the University of Liberia, Cuttington University College and William VS Tubman College of Technology.

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The Liberia History Timeline
The Liberia History Timeline
Ethnic groups

The Liberian population is made up of several indigenous ethnic groups who emigrated from Sudan in the late Middle Ages. Other groups include the ancestors of black American-Liberians who emigrated from America and founded Liberia between 1820 and 1865 and other black immigrants from neighboring West African countries.

The 16 officially recognized ethnic groups, which make up about 95% of the population, include the Kpelle; Bassa; Manon; GiB or Dan; Kru; Grebo; Krahn; Vaï; Gola; Mandingo or Mandingo; Mende; Kissi; Gbandi; Lomé; Dei or Dewoin; Belleh; and Liberian-Americans.

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