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The History of Vatican City Rome


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Smallest Country of The World Vatican City

Total Area Vatican City · Area 4,40,000 m²

Is the Vatican its own country? Yes

Vatican City History Timeline

Vatican City History Timeline: The Vatican City comes under the continent of Europe and is a small country with an area of ​​only 44 hectares.

If we talk about the population of this country, then you will be surprised to know that only around 1000 people live in the country.

Despite having such a small population, this country is internationally recognized and not only this country also has its own coins, its postal department and its own radio etc. And it also has its own currency which is also valid in Italy. History of Vatican City

The famous Roman Catholic Church and religious guru of the Christian community in this country is also the Pope, due to which its popularity is very high. The Vatican City is an independent country located within the ‘Rome’ city of Italy. Vatican City’s mother tongue is ‘Latin’. The President of Vatican City is usually the cardinal of the Catholic Church. History of Vatican City.

If we talk about the governance of Vatican City, then the rule here is monarchy. The papas are the kings here and they have the power and authority of the judiciary, executive and legislature. The Pope appoints the President of this country for five years. History of Vatican City.

History on Vatican City 

Vatican City Agreement
Vatican City Rome


Vatican City Agreement

Vatican City Agreement: In 1929, Italy, in agreement with the Roman Catholic Church, gave the area around 108 acres of land around the Great Temple of St. Peter, and considered it completely independent. The Vatican is internationally recognized. It has its own flag, its citizenship, its own currency, its own postal department. It has its own newspaper, railway station and broadcasting facilities. The independence of Vatican City is protected by Rome. The currency here also operates in Italy.

Smallest country of the world

Smallest country of the world

Vatican City operate all over world Christians community

From the Vatican City, the Pope conducts the Roman Catholic Church spread throughout the world. The Vatican City’s public government is headed by a cordial. Law and order is based on theology and the court is part of the church. The Pope,, controls the Church through the College of the Cordinals. The pope is free to make all kinds of decisions but he trusts the cordinal in all matters and seeks advice from them. The Pope’s bodyguards are a contingent of Swiss Guards that were established in the 16th century. Its members wear a dress designed by Michael Angelo.

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Vatican City Map
Vatican City Map

After the 5th century the Vatican developed as the residence of the Pope. When the Emperor Constantine I built the Great Temple of St. Peter, Pope Cymakus built a palace near him. The Pope usually resided at the Latron Palace in France. The Vatican became his official residence when the Pope arrived in Rome in 1377. All the pope were art lovers, collected many artifacts and built huge galleries. About Jerusalem Israel. History of Vatican City.


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