History of The United Arab Emirates

A History of The United Arab Emirates:  A County of Arab

The United Arab Emirates is the most iconic country well known for its culture, traditions, and customs. It was founded on 2 December 1971. The UAE has seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah). The last seventh, Ras al Khaimah became part of the federation on 10 February 1972. History of The United Arab Emirates.

History of The United Arab Emirates
History of The United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi is amongst the largest emirate. It comprises more than three-fourths of the total land area of the federations. It is also the main base of the oil industry. Besides it even borders Saudi Arabia on the southern and eastern borders.

The United Arab Emirates has a mixed environment of sandy deserts, coastal plains and wetlands, and waterless mountains. Despite all its consequences, still, UAE is a well-known modern country recognized for its oil-exporting and diversified economy.

The Official Religion & Language of The Country

Though English is spoken by many ex-pats in the country, but the official language is Arabic. Furthermore, the official religion of the United Arab Emirates is Islam. The official religion was established in the Arabian Peninsula, with the arrival of envoys from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in 632 to herald the conversion of the region to Islam. History of The United Arab Emirates.

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Late back in time, a major war was fought at Dibba, after the death of Prophet Mohammad death. In which non-Muslims were badly defeated and it resulted in the triumph of Islam. And all this caused the establishment of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.

The message of the Prophet was bought to the kings of Oman by Amr Bin al’, when he visited the areas of Oman and Sohar. On the other hand, the famous leader Abu Al-Ala’a Al Hadrami for the same reason visited Bahrain and continued to spread Islam within the Gulf region. History of The United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, during the Umayyad Caliphate (between 661 AD & 750 AD) and the Abbasid Caliphate (between 750 AD and 1258 AD), the Islamic civilization bloomed in the region. During all these happenings, links of sea trades were also set up between the Gulf and other areas in South East Asia, along the West African coast. All this resulted in deeper trade routes between these regions.

Service of UAE

Not only tourism, but construction, admiration, and defense has also played a major role in the service sector and economy of the country since late 1990. To attract tourists and the business sector, the government also took major steps in developing huge infrastructure projects. Especially in the construction and establishment of accommodation and transportation systems which includes- Hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. Along with airport expansion. History of The United Arab Emirates.

History of United Arab Emirates
History of United Arab Emirates

The Fresh Beginnings & The Booming Pearling Industry

Meanwhile, in the late nineteenth and early twenty century, the pearling industry rose and fell and over 4000 pearling boats were operating from gulf ports across Eastern Arabia. Thanks to the expanding European and Indian market, the huge demand during this time made pearling quite profitable, and a large number of local ships would gather with provisions and lasted up to three months at sea.  (To learn more, read about old Dubai and Deira).

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In the 1930s, the first survey was done in the UAE by an oil company team. Later after 30 years, the first crude oil cargo was exported from Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed (Abu Dhabi’s ruler after seeing the steady growth in the economy wanted to increase the contribution to the Trucial States Development Fund. History of The United Arab Emirates.

Whereas on the other hand Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum became part of the shipping industry and replaced the pearling revenue and started off exporting oil in 1969. History of The United Arab Emirates.

In 1968 British announced their withdrawal, to recover from this huge loss Sheikh Zayed called the federation. In this federation, not only the seven Emirates were included but also Qatar and Bahrain were included to establish closer ties. But Qatar and Bahrain wished to be independent and left the seven Emirates to establish their own independent country.

How Wealthy is Dubai?

According to a new report by New World Wealth, Dubai boasts more than 52,000 millionaires, 2,430 multi-millionaires – with net assets of $10 million or more – and 10 billionaires. Dubai makes up a sizeable chunk of the total private wealth in the Middle East, calculated at $4.3 trillion.

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