History of Norway Country

History of Norway : About 111 years ago Sweden agreed to give independence to Norway. Norway is a monarchical country. Norway has always had a tradition of kings. Today King Harald is the fifth King of this country. According to a report in Norway, King Herald had decided that he would never marry if he was not married to the person he loved. Although this did not happen, he was married to the one he loved. The girl’s name is Sonja Haraldsson and she is now the queen of Norway. The history of Norway has been influenced to an extraordinary degree by the terrain and the climate of the region. About 10,000 BC, following the retreat of the great inland ice sheets, the earliest inhabitants migrated north into the territory which is now Norway. History of Norway.

History of Norway

Norway has a total area of ​​3 lakh 85 thousand 252 square kilometers, the population of this country will be around 50 lakh. This country comes second in countries with minimum population density in Europe. The borders of this country are bordered by Sweden in the east and some areas of the north border with Finland and Russia. Norway may be one of the most petroleum-producing countries in the world. But the gas price in this country is quite high. This has been done so that the country can make profits. The land now known as Norway emerged from the last Ice Age thanks to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream. The glacial land became habitable from around 12,000 BC. The Iron Age led to better tools and easier cultivation. New areas were cleared as the population grew with the increased harvests. A entirely new social structure evolved. History of Norway.

About Norway

Norway is a country located in the continent of Europe and its capital is Oslo. Norwegian’s main language is Norwegian. The National Day is celebrated in Norway on 17 May, because Norway’s constitution was also made on this day in 1814 AD. The Parliament of this country is called Storgetting and the members of Storting are elected after every four years. Despite Norway being a small country, Norway is counted among the wealthiest countries and in the Global Peace Index, this country has been described as the most peaceful country in Europe. History of Norway.

Famous Tourist Places in Norway

Oslo Spectrum

Northern Cape


Arctic cathedral

Bergen Aquarium

Oslo Town Hall

Sculpture Park

Pulpit rock

Norway Currency

The krone, plural kroner, is the currency of Norway and its dependent territories. It is subdivided into 100 øre, which have existed only electronically since 2012. History of Norway.

Norway has only 40 minutes of night

The sun does not set in the northern part of Norway for 76 days from May to July. Here the sun sets at 12.45 in the night, and rises again after 40 minutes. That is, the sun comes out at midnight. The sun rising at midnight is a wonderful thing in itself. The special thing is that, in Norway, the sun is not visible for 2 months of winter. That is, it stays here all night. This is also the biggest feature of Norway.

Her natural beauty is also worth seeing. The beauty of Norway is made soon. This country falls within the Arctic Circle. Read about Namaste

Norway’s natural beauty

Norway ranks 8th for natural beauty and development of cities. The people of Norway are very honest about their work. Women and men have equal rights in Norway, and lay the foundation for a better society there. Norway is known for environmental protection, striving for world peace and the High Standard of Living of the People. If a good book is written in Norway, the government buys a thousand copies of it so that these books can be kept in the library. Read about Croatia

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