History of Jerusalem


Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East Israel. located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Dead Sea and Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

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History of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, There are many places in the world whose disputes regarding rights have been going on for centuries. One of these places is Jerusalem. The history of this place is as old as it is. There is an ongoing dispute about the right of this place. Not only this, it is a place in the world. Which has ties with the three religions considered in the world. After all, what is the history of Jerusalem and the dispute between which countries is going on about this place. Today we are going to give you information about this in our article.

Jerusalem, According to the pages of history, humans first settled at this place around 3500 B.C. After which the place was ruled by the Jewish ruler David in 1000 B.C.. And he gave the place the status of his capital. The first holy Jewish temple was built at this place by his son Solomon. But this temple was destroyed by the Babylonian in 586 BC and the Jews were expelled from this place. 50 years after this event. The Persian king Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple here.

1948 Arab Israel War:

Jerusalem, In 1948, Arab countries Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria attacked Israel. The attack was not to save Palestine but to end Israel. In fact, Arab countries believed that Israel is a model of foreign rule. Arab countries were defeated in this battle. Half of the city of Jerusalem came under Israeli occupation. And Palestinian citizens were confined to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Over 7 lac Palestinians became homeless during this war.

1967 Israel Egypt-Jordan-Arab War 1967

In 1967, Israel won the war from 8 countries in just 6 days …

  • On 27 May 1967, the then President of Egypt, Abdul Nasser announced that the Arabs now want to destroy Israel.
  • In late May there was an agreement between Egypt and Jordan that if one country was attacked by Israel. The other country would support it.
  • In June, the war on the Israel-Egypt border started and soon it spread to many more Arab countries.
  • In this war fought between Israel and Egypt, countries like Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Algeria joined against Israel.
  • – This war is also known as ‘June War’. These countries built their army base in Jordan to attack Israel. These countries used to attack Israel before that on June 5. Israeli Air force had flown about 400 fighter jets on the ground. This made the enemy countries nervous and the war was over in just 6 days.

Jerusalem Before and after 1948

Jerusalem has also been ruled by Great Britain. The city was occupied by Britain during the First World War. The part of Jerusalem occupied by Britain is now part of Palestine. At the same time, after the formation of the country of Israel in the year 1948. The Jerusalem place was divided into two parts and one part of this place used to be occupied by Israel. While the other part belonged to the country of Jordan. After which Israel attacked the whole of Jerusalem and captured it in 1967. At the same time, Israel gave Arab (Palestinian) residents permanent status after occupying Jerusalem, But did not give them citizenship. In this battle, Israel also completely controlled the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Both these areas have a large Palestinian population. At this time, the West Bank is run by the Palestinian Authority only for appearances. While this part is run under the rights of Israel. At the same time, Palestinians consider it as their Palestine country.

Why Jerusalem is Important

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The dispute over Israelis and Palestinians in the holy city of Jerusalem is very old and deep. This city is not only important for Islam and Jews. It is a very important and sacred place for Christianity and Armenians. The most important reason for this is that these three sects consider Prophet Abraham as an important part of their religious history. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. In the center of this city resides an ancient city known as Old City. It is surrounded by a fortified security wall.

The  Jerusalem wall


Its Importance for the Jews

The Kotel or Western Wall is located in the Jewish region. This is the remaining part of the Wall of the Mount. According to one belief, the holy temple of the Jews was once located in this place.
Once upon a time, inside this holy place, ‘The Holy of the Holies’, the holiest place of the Jews, was located. For this reason, this place is a very important place for Jews.
According to one belief, this is the place from which the world was created.

Why Jerusalem is Important for Christians?

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The town is situated in the Christian area (Armenians are also Christians), ‘The Church of the Holy Sepalkar’. It is a major center of faith for Christians around the world.

This is the place where Christ died (he was crucified) and here he descended on the third day (on Easter). It is called Hill of the Calvary. The tomb of Jesus Christ is present within Sepalkar.

Why Jerusalem is important for Islam?

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The area of ​​Muslims is the largest of the four areas and it is here that the Dome of the Rock and Masjid Al Aqsa are located. It is situated on a plateau called Muslim Haram Al Sharif or Holy Place. Read About Vatican City Rome