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History of Iran, about Iran and  ayatollah khamenei
History of Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini

Iran Revolution 1979.

In History of Iran: The Islamic Revolution is considered to be the biggest event of Iran in modern times. Ayatollah Khomeini declared Iran an Islamic republic by ending the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iran’s last king. Anger against Muhammad Raza Pahlavi had been arising for a long time due to the tremendous engagement with Western countries. The general impression among the people was that the king has given the right to the natural resources of the country to the western countries. History of Iran

On the other hand, the non-respect of the religious wishes of the Shia community by Shah was also one of the main reasons for developing anti-Semitism. Shah himself wanted Iran to move along the lines of Western civilization. This is the reason why even today, Shah’s time in Iran is given the highest priority in western countries. But all these reasons were going against the Shah in Iran. History of Iran

Ayatollah Khomeini was getting the support of religious organizations in overthrowing Shah’s rule from power. But the biggest challenge before him was that he must also take support of pro-democracy Liberal parties and leftist parties along with him. In the year 1977, a big anti campaign against Shah was waged by liberals who believed in the Constitution. This group largely belonged to the middle class people of Iran who wanted the Shah to follow the Iran Constitution of 1906. History of Iran

History of Iran and Relation with World

Significantly, before 1953, there used to be a democratic government in Iran and it was overthrown by the Pahlavi dynasty. This coup was also done by Shah with the support of America. Well, if you talk about liberals, Mehndi Bazargan was the biggest leader and his party’s name was Freedom Movement of Iran. He also had the support of the National Front, a pro-democracy organization. History of Iran

1979 was the year when these organizations succeeded. The special thing of the Islamic Revolution was that there was not much bloodshed in it. When Shah felt that he could not handle the situation, he himself left the country and escaped. Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran. And the country turned into an Islamic republic.

Ancient Iran

Ancient Iran a Persian Country
Ancient Iran a Persian Country

Today’s Iran is completely different from Iran of ancient times. Iran was then known as Persia or Persia. Before that it was called Aryana( Aryan are Hindus). A branch of the Aryans was then inhabited by the Persian country. It is believed that all the land from Persia to a large part of present India was called Aryabhoomi, which was divided in many regions.Just as the region around Punjab in India was called Aryavarta, similarly in Persia, the eastern region adjoining modern Afghanistan was called Arian and Ariyan, from which it later got the name Iran. Click Here Read For French Revolution

Iran before the Islamic Revolution

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Iran before 1979

1. The West had a tremendous influence in Iran before the Islamic Revolution. There was no restriction on dress and living, nor religious restrictions.
2. At that time Iran was considered to be the most modern among Islamic countries and Iran’s environment was no less than that of cities like Paris or London. History of Iran

3. In 1953, the US and British intelligence agencies overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddik. He wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil industry. Source

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Iran before 1979

Iran History Timeline

Iran Timeline and History Overview Iran

BCE 2700

2700 – The Elamite civilization emerges in western Iran.

1500 – The Anshanite dynasties begin to rule over Elam.

1100 – The Elamite empire reaches the peak of its power. Assyrian Cavalry

 678 – The Medes of northern Iran rise to power with the fall of the Assyrian Empire and form the Median Empire. Read 10 Oldest Religion in The World

559 BC 559 – 332BC The Achaemenian Dynasty & the Great Persian Empire which was the dominant world power for over two centuries  
 550BC  Cyrus the Great established the First World Empire      
 525BC  Persia conquers Egypt      
 332 BC  Alexander the Great conquers Egypt and Persia      
 323 BC  323-141 BC – The Seleucid Dynasty was established by one of generals of Alexander the Great      
 247 BC  247 BC-224 AD
The Parthians conquered the Seleucids
    224 AD 224 – 642 The Sasanian Dynasty  
    570 The Prophet Mohammad was born  
    632 The Prophet Mohammad died and his teachings were compiled into the Koran, the name of the holy book of Islam  
    642 642 – 1220 The Arab Caliphate  
    1220 Mongol Era when Persia conquered by Gangis Khan  
    1271 The explorer Marco Polo journeyed through Persia en route to China  
    1295 Ghazan Khan becomes the first Mongol leader to convert to Islam  
    1501 1501-1524 – Safavid Dynasty founded by Shah Ismail I who united all of Persia under Iranian leadership  
    1795 Qajar Dynasty  
    1851 1851-1906 – The Qajars lost central Asian provinces to the Russians and were forced to give up all claims on Afghanistan to Great Britain  
    1925 1925-1940 – Pahlavi Dynasty  
    1979 The Shah was overthrown by the Islamic Revolution ending 2,500 years of monarchy  
    1980 July 29: The Islamic Revolution  
Iran History Timeline

Brief Overview of the History of Iran

Throughout much of early history, the land known today as Iran was known as the Persian Empire. The first great dynasty in Iran was the Achaemenid which ruled from 550 to 330 BC. It was founded by Cyrus the Great. This period was followed by the conquest of Alexander the Great from Greece and the Hellenistic period. In the wake of Alexander’s conquests, the Parthian dynasty ruled for nearly 500 years followed by the Sassanian dynasty until 661 AD.

In the 7th century, the Arabs conquered Iran and introduced the people to Islam. More invasions came, first from the Turks and later from the Mongols. Starting in the early 1500s local dynasties once again took power including the Afsharid, the Zand, the Qajar, and the Pahlavi. History of Iran

In 1979 the Pahlavi dynasty was overthrown by revolution. The Shah (king) fled the country and Islamic religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini became leader of the theocratic republic. Iran’s government has since been guided by Islamic principles. Source CNN. 

History of Spain History of Iran.

Who is the leader of Iran?

Ayatollah Khomeini is Leader of Iran. He is an Dictator. 

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