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It is believed that about five thousand years ago, when Lord Shri Krishna settled the city of Dwarka, the place where his personal palace i.e. Hari Griha was there, Dwarkadhish Temple was built. Dwarka is located at a distance of about 380 km from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The same Dwarka which is one of the four dhams, the famous center of Hindu faith. The same Dwarka is called Dwarkapuri and is included in the Saptapuris. The same Dwarka that Lord Sri Krishna himself settled after leaving Mathura. The same Dwarka which today is a great pilgrimage for devotees including Krishna devotees, who believe in Hinduism. Let us know about Lord Shri Krishna’s place of worship in Dwarka.

Krishna and Dwarka

It is believed that the city of Dwarka, settled by him, after Lord Sri Krishna had gone to his abode, was absorbed into the sea. About twenty-five years ago, his great-grandson Vajranabh got it done, which was later expanded and renovated. The present form of the temple is said to be around the 16th century.

Dwarkapuri is in two parts

1. Presently, Gomti Dwarka and Bet Dwarka are two parts of the same Dwarkapuri. Gomti is the main temple of Dwarka in Dwarka itself, which is popularly known as Sri Ranchodarai Temple or Dwarkadhish Temple.

2. This temple is about 1500 years old. The temple is seven storeys. A large part of this temple is filled with water. It is called Gomti. There are many ghats around it. Of which the Sangam Ghat is prominent.

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The temple has a black four-faced idol of God. Apart from this, temples and idols of other deities are located in different parts of the temple. To the south of the temple is the Sharda Math, founded by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. Read about Ayodhya