History of Hinduism: World Oldest Religion Hindu 308M Years

History of Hindu Religion or Sanatan Dharma

History of Hindu: Sanatana Dharma (Hindu) is one of the oldest religions on Earth; However, many scholars have many opinions about its history. Modern historians consider the history of this religion to be a few thousand years old, based on archaeological investigations such as Harappa, Mehargarh. Where many signs of Hinduism are found in Indus Valley Civilization of India (and modern Pakistani region). History of Hindu.

Statues of an unknown mother goddess, postures of deity like Lord Shiva Pashupati, Shivling, worship of Peepal (sacred fig), etc. are prominent. According to a view of historians, during the end of this civilization another caste came from Central Asia, who called themselves Aryans and spoke a Sanskrit called Indo-European language.

According to another view, the people of Indus Valley Civilization were Aryans themselves and their original place was India.

Early History of Hinduism 

Science says that life originated on earth 600 million years ago and the movement of the continents started 200 million years ago, due to which five continents originated. Mammals evolved 140 million years ago. The type of human (hominid) appeared 26 million years ago, but modern humans came into existence 200,000 years ago. In the last fifty thousand (50,000) years, human beings settled all over the world. Science says that whatever phenomenal progress humans have made has happened during 200 to 400 generations. Before that, humans used to lead life like animals.

Researchers tell the history of Hindu religion to be more than 90 thousand years. Language was invented 10 thousand years ago. Sanskrit is considered to be the oldest language of the world. In ancient times, Sanskrit was written in Brahmi and Devanagari scripts. Presented here are the important historical milestones of the Hindu religion of Varaha Kalpa.

Founder Of Hinduism Religion

In The History of Hinduism: There is no founder. It is often said that Hinduism has no founder. Nothing is known about the origin of this religion. Some consider its founder Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Hinduism name of god). Because as per Swami Chinmayananda: “If you ask a Christian to give him a book on Christianity, he gives you the Bible, If you ask a Muslim to give him a book on Islam, So he gives you the Quran.
But if you ask me to give me a book of Hinduism, I would say, “Welcome to my library!” History of Hindu.

How Old Is Hinduism

History of Hindu:  Hinduism start date, According to some experts, according to the evidence of some books of this religion released at present, the first Manu is called the Manvantara* of Shaymbhu Manu. But according to the scholars of religion, the time of creation has been considered as its origin.

Note: *1 Manvantara  In terms of human years, one Mahāyuga is of the 43,20,000 years duration. Hence the period of a manvantara comes to 308 million human years. History of Hindu.

Ancient History of  Sanatana (Hindu):

Ancient History of Hinduism:  Hindutva believed that Hinduism appeared as completely intelligent at the end of the Ice Age 12,000 years ago. In the history of Sanatan, mythology is history from time to time, historians cannot count it. History of Hindu.

Hinduism has developed organically over 5000 years and can be seen as the seven stages in which binoculars are found.

In recent times, Hinduism has been described as an “open source religion”, unique in the sense that it has no founding or defining principles, and that its ideas evolve continuously in response to historical and geographical realities Have been.

One Of The Oldest Temple Of Hinduism
One Of The Oldest Temple Of Hinduism

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world. This religion is believed in Punarjanm. This religion teaches kindness. Hinduism is also called Sanatan, Vedic or Arya religion. Hindu is a non-verb word. Hindutva or Hinduism was called Sanatana Dharma in ancient times. The word Hindu was not in vogue a thousand years ago. Sapta Sindhu is mentioned many times in the Rigveda. The word Sindhu means river or jalarashi, on the basis of which a river is named Indus River, which flows from Ladakh and Pakistan.

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The words ‘Hindu’ and ‘Arya’ are found in the Avesta, the religion book of the Parsis of Iranian country. On the other hand other historians believe that the word Hindu originated from Indu during the time of the Chinese traveler Huanseang. The word Indu is synonymous with Moon. The basis of Indian astrological calculations is the lunar month. Therefore, the people of China started calling Indians ‘Intu’ or ‘Hindu’.

Meaning of the word Arya: The people of Arya Samaj call it Arya Dharma, whereas Arya is not considered a caste or religion, but its meaning is considered only superior. That is, the one who is superior to mind, speech and action is Arya. Thus Arya Dharma means the religion of the superior society. Ancient India was also known as Aryavarta, which meant the land of residence of superior people.

The origins of Hindu and Jainism lie in the concept of the early Aryans, which dates back to 4500 BC. (6500 years ago) were spread from Central Asia to the Himalayas. It is said that a branch of Aryans also established the Parsi religion. After this, Judaism 2 thousand BC respectively. Buddhism 500 BC. Christianity only 2000 years ago. Islam religions occurred 14 hundred years ago.

But according to religious literature there are some other concepts of Hinduism. It is also believed that it started 90 thousand years ago. In fact, Hindus kept their history alive by singing, rote and based on sources. This is the reason that that history gradually became poetic and beautiful. The period was such that there is no paper and pen. History was written on rocks, stones and minds.

When we read the history texts of Hinduism, there is a reference to the tradition of Manus before the tradition of sages and sages who have been called Kulkars in Jainism. There are 14 Manu respectively who worked tirelessly to make the society civilized and technologically prosperous. The name of the first human on earth was Swayambhav Manu and the first woman was Shatrupa.

Veda in Hindus 

Role of Hindu History: When we talk about history, Vedas were not composed in any one period. Scholars began the creation of the Vedas in 4500 BC. Has accepted That is, it was composed gradually and finally in the time of Krishna completely divided the Veda into four parts by Veda Vyasa. The Vedas are 6508 years old in writing from this value today. This fact cannot be denied that the facts of Krishna being 5500 years ago were discovered.

Maximum Hindu Are Vegetarians

What can Hinduism eat? It is not necessary for any Hindu to be vegetarian, although vegetarianism is considered a satvic diet. It is considered rajasik to consume more fried roast vegetarian than necessary. Non-veg is not considered good because meat meets animal slaughter.

Therefore, it is a vengeful substance. Eating meat of animals was not allowed in the Vedic period, according to a survey, today about 70% of Hindus, mostly Brahmins and Gujaratis and Marwari Hindus are traditionally vegetarian. They also never eat beef, because the cow is considered as a mother in Hinduism. In some Hindu temples, animal sacrifices are offered, but nowadays this practice is ended by the condemnation of Hindus. History of Hindu.

Best Religion For Women’s Rights

It’s Sanatan Dharam or Hinduism, with no doubt. Hinduism has praised and respected its women since ancient times for all what they are. We have depicted them with utmost respect and pride. As per Hindu religion declares that a marriage cannot be dissolved by a woman or a man. Ancient and medieval era Hindu texts present a diverse picture of duties and rights of women in Hinduism. The texts recognize eight kinds of marriage, ranging from father finding a marriage partner for his daughter and seeking her consent (Brahma marriage), to the bride and groom finding each other without parental participation. History of Hindu.

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It Is A Father Of Another Religions

In fact, the question “ask the history of Hinduism” is wrong. Now ask why?

Because the oldest religion in the world which is called Adi-Sanatan, knowing the beginning and end of it is an impossible task. Therefore, to know the history of oldest Hinduism, you have to know the history of the entire human race.

Father Of All Religions

It is said that a branch of the Aryans also established the Parsi religion. Subsequently, Jainism,  Judaism of 2000 respectively. Buddhism of the year 500. History of Hindu.

History of Adi Sanatan Dharma
History of Adi Sanatan Dharma

Key Principles

There is no single set of principles in Hinduism that all Hindus must follow. This is a way of life more than religion. There is no central church or religious organization of Hindus nor any “pope. Many beliefs and sects come under it and equal reverence is given to all. The scriptures are also many. Nevertheless, the main principles, which most Hindus believe, believe in all these: dharma (global law), karma (and its fruits), worldly cycle of rebirth, moksha (liberation from worldly bonds – which can have many paths ) And of course, God. Hinduism considers heaven and hell to be temporary.

According to Hinduism, all beings in the world have a soul. Man is the only creature who can enjoy both sin and virtue in this world and can attain salvation.

There are four main sects in Hinduism: Vaishnavas (who consider Vishnu as God), Shaiva (who considers Shiva as God), Shakti (who considers Goddess as the ultimate power) and Smarta (who consider different forms of God as the same Huh). But most Hindus do not classify themselves in any sect. In ancient times and medieval times, Shaiva, Shakti and Vaishnava used to fight among themselves. The medieval saints tried to coordinate and described all the sects as interdependent. Secrete of Area 51 Nevada USA

Peaceful Religions In The World

Hinduism is one of the oldest known organized religions in the world. It is also considered one of the most complex and diverse religion, having thousands of gods, with a wide variety of core beliefs and exists in many different sects. Hinduism is the dormant and largest religion practices across India. The Bhagavad Gita is a very important text of Hinduism, was also practiced by the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Although that Hinduism is practiced by the millions, it has no single scripture, founder, or even a common set of teachings. The knowledge and wisdom of Hinduism have been passed down from generation to generation. And the traditions in Hinduism have always emphasized peace and harmony. History of Hindu.

Hindu Population Percentage Wise World Wide

Nepal 86.5%

India 80.5% ( Root of Hinduism as well as Largest Hindu Population country )

Mauritius 54%

Guyana 28%

Fiji 27.9%

Bhutan 25%

Trinidad and Tobago 22.5%

Suriname 20%

Sri Lanka 15%

Bangladesh 9%

Qatar 7.2%

Reunions 6.7%

Malaysia 6.3%

Bahrain 6.25%

Kuwait 6%

UAE 5%

Singapore 4%

Oman 3%

Belize 2.3%Seychelles 2.1% Read Oldest Language of the World. 

Countries with 10 most Hindu populations in the world:

10. Mauritius

Mauritius is at the tenth place in this list. The total population of this beautiful island country situated in the Indian Ocean is 12,65,475. You will be surprised to know that after India and Nepal, Mauritius is the third country in the world where the population of Hindus is highest compared to other religions. The number of people who follow Hinduism in Mauritius is 6,13,755, which is 48.5% of the total population there. History of Hindu.

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9 United Kingdom: 

Great Britain, which once ruled almost the whole world, also has a sizeable population of Hindus in the United Kingdom. The total population of Britain is 6,78,86,004 of which 1.7% i.e. 11,54,062 people follow Hinduism. Some Britishers changed their religion to become Hindu. History of Hindu.

8. Malaysia:

Malaysia, a country of South-East Asia, is at the eighth place in this list. It is predominantly an Islamic country with 61.3 percent of the population being Muslim. The population of Malaysia is 3,27,30,000. Here Hinduism is the fourth largest religion. There are 20,61,990 Hindus living in Malaysia, which is 6.3% of the total population there. History of Hindu.

7. United State of America

The third most populous country in the world, The United States of America has a total population of 42,39,523. It is a Christian majority country with 65% of the population being Christians. Talk about those who believe in Hinduism, their population is only 0.7% of the total population of America. However, according to statistics, there is a Hindu population of 40,97,676 in America.

6. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country in the Indian Ocean, has a religious and cultural relationship with us. The total population of Sri Lanka is 2,18,03,000. It is a Buddhist country where the number of Buddhists is 70.2% while 12.6% of the people practice Hinduism. This means that the population of Hindus in Sri Lanka is 27,47,178.

5. Pakistan

In 1947, the population of Hindus in Pakistan was about 20 percent, which has decreased to just 1.85% in the year 2020. The total population of the Islamic country of Pakistan is 22,08,92,331 in which the population of Hindus is only 40,86,508.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s largest country in terms of Muslim population, ranks fourth in this list. The total population of Indonesia is 26,76,70,543. 86.7% of the total population of Indonesia follows the Muslim religion while only 1.74% of the population is Hindu. In terms of numbers, there are 46,57,467 Hindus living in Indonesia. History of Hindu.

3. Bangladesh:

When Bangladesh was formed in 1971, there was a population of 13.5 Hindus. Coming to the 2020 figures, only 8.54% of the Hindu population is left in Bangladesh. The total population of Bangladesh is 16,13,76,708 out of which 1,37,81,570 people follow Hinduism.

2. Nepal

Till a few years ago, as soon as Nepal became a secular nation with the tag of being the only Hindu nation in the world, now there has also been a decrease in the population of Hindus. There were 89.50% Hindus in Nepal in 1981, which decreased in 2020.
81.3% are left. The population of Nepal is 2,89,01,790 while the population of Hindus there is 2,34,97,155. If we look at the percentage, then Nepal still has the largest Hindu population. But in terms of numbers, Nepal is at second place in this list.

1. India

The largest Hindu population lives in India, but what percentage? Hardly anyone would know this. The population of India as of 10 September 2020 is 1,38,27,01,800. Talking about the total population of Hindus in India, it is 1,10,33,96,036 which is 79.8% of the total population. History of Hindu.

Oldest Book In The History
Oldest Book In The History

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