Healing the Inner-Self By: Chitra Lele


Healing the Inner-Self = Authentic and Constant Inner Connection

Here are the 3 main components

1) Getting rid of emotional barriers

2) Eliminating imbalances in the various aspects of life

3) And stop giving too much attention to the public, outer-self, limited image.

Transformative Tips

 One of the best ways to honor the essence is by sending positive, loving messages.
 Accept the essence unconditionally.
 Resolve conflicts at all levels, in all spheres.
 Focus on love, harmony, breath, etc.
 Reserve 5 to 10 minutes for automatic writing.
 Practice presence in the little things of life.
 Be willing to process your feelings about the past.
 Indulge in deep relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, repetitive prayer, etc. Read Spiritual Healing

Self-healing IS Possible = Make Me (You) Feel Marvelous (at all levels)

This is my favorite quote on self-healing: “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” by Kenji Miyazawa

Chitra Lele

Healing the Inner, Getting rid of emotional barriers
Chitra Lele

By Chitra Lele: Chitra Lele is a young record-setting author, poet, solution architect, and software engineer. For more information about Chitra’s professional career, academic and reference books, literary awards, poetry anthologies, media mentions, world records, and much more, please visit her academic and creative blog: http://chitrathesavvysynergist.blogspot.in/p/about-me_20.html

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