Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted

December, 1987

Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted

Holy hour. Those of us who are charged with the responsibility of Universal Work, ask permission to travel to those special places with which we have been entrusted, and on which we keep a watchful eye, to see the fruits of the vineyards we have planted. Have you ever planted a small tree, looking day after day for the first shoots, and feeling saddened when time went by and, the little trees remained withered and dry, cold and unresponsive to your loving care?

Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted, Photo by Charlotte Descamps
Photo by Charlotte Descamps

So too, we the Messengers who have Special Chambers (antennas, points of light), under our care; smile with happiness when we witness our Chapels in bloom. Their members working to enrich their souls with Divine Truth, ruling every heart and every action. We then know, that Divine Enlightenment has truly taken root. It is cause for much happiness to know that our Mission had a meaning; that our work has borne fruit.

Divine gifts have been given you, and the goodness and mercy of my Father has been lovingly showered upon you. I see that many of you search for enlightenment, searching for the truth. Indeed, brothers, your search of enlightenment must never end. But instead of changing your attitude through spiritual unfoldment, what you read is lost in nothingness. This is cause for deep hurt for your Teachers because it shows us that you don’t understand how brief your days on this plane are, how short and few your hours. You fail to understand that the opportunity to pass the test you asked for is passing you by, to never return again. Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted

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That is why it is important that you make the most of each minute, each instant, each hour. Who among you could come to me this moment with a truthful heart and tell me that each day you have taken a step forward in the path to evolution?  Is there someone? There is no one. It is because of the selfishness, brothers. Each of you wants to shine his own way, without knowing or understanding that the radiant glow of the most humble is the one that reaches our Father. Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted.

Brothers, I only ask that you think of the brief hours available to you in this existence you call life, and to which you cling in such a misguided way. If you have read the Teachings, if you have nourished your soul with the truth, then you know that all this is ephemeral. The true light, the true life, is in that place where you will one day arrive, after the test; your hands overflowing with gifts for my Father. Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted.

You fret and worry for so little, brothers. If only you could see this life is only a fleeting breath in the infinite scheme of the Universe. Change your attitude for the love of God. Strive in everyday life to touch the pure and holy planes of life. Cover your paths with the flowers of love, charity and humility; and divine peace will embrace you, until the day you are called. Oldest Language in The World. Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted.

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May the peace and love of my Father always be with you. Fruits of the Vinyards We Have Planted.


Debra King

Inspiring Author

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Debra King
Debra King
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