Exceptional Customer Experiences By: Michelle Caldow

The Way Forward is to Provide Exceptional Customer Experiences

The most cost-effective marketing tool that your business can invest in is improving your customer experience, that will directly impact your top-line sales, and your bottom-line.

Focusing on building exceptional customer experiences where they get to connect emotionally with your brand, will bring life-long loyal customers who can potentially spread the word of your business to their family, friends and colleagues.

Image: Michelle Caldow

So the question is: what are the ways to provide exceptional customer experiences?

1. Assess the customer experience mindset of your business.

Understanding the true purpose of your business is the key to providing the best strategy of customer experience for your business.

  • Is your business self-beneficial-oriented or is it customer-oriented?
  • Understanding and being clear about how you are oriented is imperative, and can be easily be addressed.
  • Once you establish your purpose, you can now assess the current reality of your customer experience and modify it to develop a more customer-centric approach for your business.

Exceptional experiences cannot be achieved overnight, it takes using the muscle regularly, and consistently and it cannot be optimized until you have achieved the mastery of the reality standing over there in your customers shoes.

2. Your customers should be treated with the right attitude.

Asking essential questions and concentrating on your customer feedback and suggestions are just a few ways of identifying your customer’s needs. You can learn a lot to improve your business by focusing on their verbal and nonverbal communication and the impact on your customer.

For examples if you are not achieving 80% of your sales from 20% of your regular customer repurchasing and re-visiting, then you are not delivery an experiences worthy of them coming back for. If you are making assumptions in knowing your customer’s needs, this can greatly impact your  businesses sales and its longevity.

3. Your staff require training.

Providing the right customer experience will not happen unless your staff understands and knows the expectations of the business and the brand, this will allow your staff to successfully interact, solve your customers, and therefore convert the sale. Employee training is a non-negotiable step in giving them the necessary tools to deliver expected and above satisfactory customer service that improves the overall customer experience.

Staff members that are adequately trained and experienced to provide the best customer service become independent in on-the-spot decision making in customer interactions. Read Social Media Posting Technique

All in all, Exceptional customer experience becomes consistent when you go hands-on and continuously listen to your customers needs and maintain their satisfaction with the products and services you are selling as well as delivering them exceptional customer experiences.

Once you have accomplished this successfully, your business will see the top-line and bottom-line result and its these brands that become the Iconic brands we all love. Some of these brands; Apple, Channel, Hugo Boss, and Lego to name a few!

By: Michelle Caldow

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