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A Story of Cherie Laurent

By: Cherie Laurent


Cherie Laurent’s father wanted royal and religious blood for his coming bloodline, So He married her mother. That was the start of her life. Cherie was born in Baghdad, what people think is the land of Aladdin, genies and flying carpets. But this is not the truth, Cherie was born in the war between Iran and Iraq, the start of her life of rejection and discrimination.

Cherie Laurent
Ma Cherie Laurent

At the same time, it was the start of a journey of escape, one looking for peace, love and a life away from war. After surviving four wars that left her without family, friends or a home, she started a new long journey, prepared to face life alone. “Like a leaf falling from a tree, swept by a storm to faraway place,” Cherie said, “I got used to the way of thinking that at any second I can get killed by boming, bullets or missiles, there will be no tomorrow.”

Cherie Laurent Age and Born time: between 1987-1989.

Since then, Cherie has moved from Baghdad to Jordan, to the UAE, to New Zealand, to Australia, to the USA, back to NZ, to Europe, to Japan, to South East Asia and back to Australia.

From the glam of the runway and fashion and being on TV, in films, and on Billboards, to washing dishes and babysitting. From having lunch at the table with the King of Jordan, with Hollywood stars and celebrities to eating dry bread starving. Lauren Cherie southern. 

All shades of life always around her, no more so when she was homeless in NYC staring into a restaurant and watching herself on the television from the cold winter’s street.

Cher 16: From the age of 15, she knew it was not going to be easy and at the same time, it may just become an amazing life, one to take away all the layers of her previous existence and find the truth about her as human being. Preface Faith All things start and end with faith. Church is where Cherie remembers family members, prays, and finds peace. Praying for her father and brother who have passed away.

“I believe in God. But all religions are against me…. It doesn’t matter, God can hear me from here.”

Getting a Peaceful Mind in The Church Yard

 Cherie Laurent: Every day deserves splendid attire. At the school building entrance, in the campus yard, or outside the workshop rooms. Stepping in Fashion Heading to the classroom at RMIT Brunswick, Cherie started another day of study in Fashion Design and Styling. She embarked on the journey of study and for the last few years this has been the main place Cherie has dedicated her time.

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It is all in the pursuit of getting inspiration dedicated from the fashion industry and extending her skills. “I feel I am forever young in my heart, maybe this has been one of the precious gifts from God…” From the clothing board to the tailoring and finally a sample garment, Cherie is familiar with the the process required to turn an idea into a real product. In the tailor workshop at RMIT University.

Cherie Laurent: does laurent like edamura

Cherie approaches everyone by seeing the goodness in all, transmitting her nature out towards those she engages with, even for the briefest moments. Directing, Styling & Modeling With years of industry experience, not only is Cherie modeling, but also she has gained skills of photography, video capturing, photo and video editing. She creates concepts and styles of the shooting, organises location and studio shooting, processes the images and video footages after capturing.

Before attending each shooting, Cherie does make-up at home. Cherie is preparing to be modeling for a portrait photography shoot at the RMIT Carlton studio. She never forgets vto record footage for her TV show. Before attending the site, she sets up her camera at home, and gives an introduction to the camera woman who is kindly helping her. Preparing the garments before a photo shoot, for the concept as “Black and White”. The garments were collected, designed, modified and tailed by Cherie.

She created the concept influenced by her past, and the tragedies she experienced. She will never leave them sitting quietly and hidden in the corner of the heart.

In front of the cameras, she is the queen of her land. Before another location video shooting begins, Cherie explains the concept to the model. At home, Cherie was dressing up the model before an on site video shoot. Directing the model posing in the video recording, in the Botanical Garderns, Melbourne. Home, is where Cherie gets to relax, reading, eating and working. It’s the place where the ideas get inspired, where she starts her day, dressing up and putting on make-up, until eventually, she returns to hide in the wings…

At home, Cherie looks through her learning materials. Home “I always get compared to every sex symbol in Hollywood’s history. Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Audery Hepburn, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Claudia Cardinale and Brigitte Bardot. At the same time women still say on the streets ‘She’s a man’. It shatters me to pieces. They make me feel very ugly, but the mirror is the only friend I have got, and I have got to trust the mirror to let me be my authentic self.” “My home is too small but it is my heaven, where I can be where ever I want to be. I can create and fly with my wings in a world of illusion, creativity and fantasy.”

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The mannequin is the VIP to try on her outfits and jewellery in the first place. Cherie’s artwork, from her earlier work at 16 all the way to now. “I realised one day by accident, I looked exactly the same as I painted many years ago!” “I worked in night clubs for a few years… It was a part of my income, my life, on the journey where I am from.” Well, today, it is a place where she is waking up and relaxing in her body. Night Club In a night club in Chapel Street, Cherie is visiting her friend who is performing in the club.

“According to the diagnostic result, I have the XYY type of DNA…” To be a Woman Cherie shows the photos from old days. Cherie grew up with “A gift from God”.

She believes she is a natural born artist and performer. Photos provided by Cherie’s family collection: Parents. ©Cherie Laurent “In my childhood, I have never felt my body being associated as a boy, even if it was.” At this time my name was “Essan” Photos provided by Cherie’s collection ©Cherie Laurent Old school days With my first girlfriend In my exhibition as a painter Graduation Sexuality has never been a significant element in her journey.

Her life has always been defined by the experience of living under the pressure from religion, family and the homeland where she was born. Since her late teens, Cherie has been a fashion model.

She extended her talents further as a painter, model, actress, singer, photographer, fashion designer, stylist, make-up artist, TV host, director and producer. She continuously produces a massive amount of work. It’s a nonstop adventure, filling her life with content creating, performing, and modelling.

Photos provided by Cherie’s collection: modeling shots.

©Cherie Laurent “Men want to be with me, and women want to be me.”

This has repeatedly defined the outlook of Cherie’s life.

Yet, escaping to another land with the legends of freedom did not give her the life she expected, instead, it was discrimination, abuse and violence, numerous times narrowly escaping death.

Cherie Laurent “I lost my beautiful voice.” After a voice feminisation surgery failed, Cherie lost her original voice, but she found a way to redfine her singing.

For her recent works, she merged soundtracks with the newly created video works.

Plaster statue modeled of myself Before and after becoming a women. ©Cherie Laurent It has been a few years since the last time she visited her family in Iraq, her beloved mother.

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“She now can’t remember clearly, she has issue in identifying people.

I don’t know if she can recognise me anymore… She must think I am my sister… I’ve not told her I did the surgery. I had to disguise as a man when I was back there

Cherie Laurent: lauren cherie photography

Modeling Soon After The Operation

 Cherie Laurent: Cherie believes the XYY type of DNA might have given her a bonus, which has been another gift from God.

“It made me extraordinarily smart.” She thinks this has ever been the source of her artistic ideas, moreover, it is always motivating her non-stop to create new art.

Cherie is developing new projects combined with music TV and photography that all display her artistic adventures. In terms of building a team she networks with talented artists and creators, using the resources she is surrounded by at the university.

When pushing the project ahead, she always engages video and photography, documenting the whole process which will be a part of her video shows.

Make Things Happen Cherie talks with teachers in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT, presenting her project idea. She is trying to get sound and video students to work on the project.

Before the first conference with the sound students, Cherie was briefing the camera settings to the operator who was helping to capture video footage.

Cherie introduces the project and plays her songs to the RMIT students in the sound booth, discussing the requirements in terms of sound mastering.

Plays the sound track from Cherie’s record from when she was a singer. After the conversation, Cherie brings the sound students to capture footage on the street. Read breaking the theodosian code

Cherie works with an editor before finalising the book. “I believe God gave me the strength and the creativity.

Being a transwoman is not who I am. It is as small part of who I am and I do not think about it all the time.

The truth is I don’t think about it at all, as for me, I am a woman and that is it. “I think of what I have to do, achieve, create, and come up with.

It has nothing to do with being a woman or man. I love to create art that people without gender or labels will love and enjoy; songs, fashion, photography, films, stories, and most of my thinkings.


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“It is by the end about what I am achieving in this life before I say goodbye.”

Cherie Laurent, the brave story teller and for her work throughout this whole project. Read History of Iran

Further more,

thanks for sharing the past, which made it possible to recall the memory of the old days. Cherie Laurent Facebook.

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