Lady in My Phone

Lady in my phone: I admit WE WERE the last ones on earth to get a computer, get smartphones and iPads. But, now that we have these magical gadgets, I can’t imagine life without them, and yet, I’ll never understand how the words I type in text messages float through the atmosphere all the way …

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Teachers Day

Teachers Day Last year, I bought a necklace for myself. I merely wanted to treat me, for the hardworking professional teacher that I am. Kudos to me! I celebrated the end of a successful academic year with a decent gift …why? It is because I deserved it. I kept the gift aside and decided to …

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Refugee Camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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COVID 19 Shines

COVID 19 Shines A Light on Inequities for Authors COVID 19 Shines : While I want to write that COVID19 has created some issues for Authors to sell their books, the reality is that this pandemic has shone a blinding light on what already exists for authors and small presses.  That is the unfair practices …

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