Breaking The Theodosian Code: breaking code silence documentary

Breaking The Theodosian Code

Samantha Van Staveren

How relevant is your family history and encoded DNA To this new world that we have found ourselves waking up or awake in? breaking a code. 

Samantha Van Staveren, Breaking The Theodosian Code
Samantha Van Staveren

After the death of my mother on 6 December 2019. I found myself almost divinely guided to Educate and research any possible link or Historic documentation I could find relating to her family history, particularly the settlers within Australia in the last 200 years. Researching and delving into any parts of our family tree or heritage that may be relevant.

What an interesting process and experience. Innovative public databases and information processing. Which has really opened up my eyes to the world that I’ve found myself in today. My grandfather’s name was Theodore, He was a very simple man who was very proud of his family heritage and the firstborn son rule had handed him some treasures and heirlooms from centuries long ago.

Breaking The Theodosian Code

My first memories of my grandfather I myself around 18 months old at the beach at Rosebud a small Beachtown at the far end of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia. I’ll never forget my grandfather asking me if I could please chase away the seagulls for my four year-old brother. My brother was afraid of birds, I gave it my best shot, Oh boy did I chase away those seagulls, that ferocity and ability to charge headfirst any problems that came my way or may impact my family are always handled head first, Dealt with and diminished. Breaking The Theodosian Code

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My grandfather was born in 1922 the firstborn son of Victor Theodore Van Staveren. These men were citizens army militia straight out of Fitzroy gun club in Melbourne. The citizens army ran for around 50 years before the official army formed in 1901. Victor’s grandfather was A guard of honour to Napoleon and one of the little known ‘immortals’. He never made it back from India after the Napoleonic wars ended but his family and two family ships did make it across the seas and landed as pioneers here in Melbourne. Breaking The Theodosian Code

Breaking The Theodosian Code, Theodosian Code
Breaking The Theodosian Code

Heathcote and Pyalong is where they settled his wife Isabella and her children, in goldmining suburbs, Which border Pukapunyal an army barracks in central Victoria. Around 1855 the gold rush started in Australia I have manage to find the old maps of original mining licences and crown land grants as the Imperial forces citizens army were paid and rewarded in land in those times. It lead me on a Trail not this similar to searching for gold in which I believe I have now found. Of course I’m not talking about material gold i’m talking about 2000 years of golden wise records and a family history that I believe dates back to ancient Greece at least.

The Van Staverens were Dutch from Rotterdam Holland around 2012 I’ve stumbled upon Dutch golden age painter, Who was part of Rembrandt guild of intelligent men which traces the history of the original Dutch banks. As I have continued to view and pick up the symbolism in these Dutch golden age paintings I was led on a Trail through many saints and Wisemen recordkeepers and secrets. Breaking The Theodosian Code

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Breaking a code: Breaking code silence documentary

As a child I had often have wondered about family history and wondered why my family didn’t seem to have the same heritage values or understanding of country of origin and being able to pinpoint to a particular set of cultural values that have been brought to Australia by my Italian, Greek and other catholic school friends. Breaking The Theodosian Code

My dark features are questioned often by strangers my whole life are you Italian? are you Greek? I had settled on the answer that I was Dutch and that my dark looks came from when the Spanish armada went through Holland. But I think I found that it goes back a lot further and the Trail that I have found through signs and signals in the paintings leads me to believe that’s a long line of Theodosius DNA is it in my blood.

In 2008 I woke up from a dream to see a golden angel standing in front of me in my bed the whole room was filled up with the most magical golden rainbow colours that I have ever seen. I never thought much about it until I started reading researching and learning about these holy men and written word in history books from the start of time that I seem to be related to. Top 10 Oldest Languages in the World

There’s a lot of talk about the 1% that I own 99% of the world and common journalism tells us that the formation of this pyramid system that we live in dates back to the Dutch East India Trading Company who were the first corporation recorded in the western world the original map writers and Opium traders dating back to the 1600s. Most Secrete Place of The World: Area 51 USA Breaking The Theodosian Code

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Capitalism and greed do not sit well with me. I’ve not been happy to see the world turn into a place where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer the rich gain more control and the poor loose. It seems with modern technology and in Internet now more than ever before we can see these controlled monopolies and unethical practices that have made the world the imbalanced place it is today.

So are my ancestors responsible partly for this? Or over the centuries has it gotten more and more out of control. It is no secret that Murdochs newspapers were originally set up to advertise and subliminally control the general populations views written by the agenda of their financiers. Theodosian code full text English.

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As the world wakes up to the “fake news” and Trumps agenda continues to make all accountable. Will this be the next Renaissance? I sure hope so.

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Samantha Van Staveren
Victoria, Australia

Breaking The Theodosian Code: Breaking The Theodosian Code, Teachers pet school of Rock Australia.

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