Bermuda Triangle History 1945 and History of Bermuda Timeline

Bermuda Triangle and History of Bermuda Country

Bermuda Triangle and History of Bermuda Country: The islands Bermuda (Bermuda, Somers or Summer Islands) are a group of islands which has the status of an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. They located in the Ocean Atlantic, halfway from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the West Indies and 960 kilometres east of Cape Hatteras (United States) by 32° N and 64°5 W.

The archipelago has a length of 25 to 28 kilometres; It includes 200 to 300 islands, islets or isolated rocks. The main island is Bermuda or Main Island (Long Island on old maps), 25 kilometres long 2 or 3 wide, capital Hamilton. It locks at its end east a wide bay, Little Sound and west a bay more Great Sound, dotted with islets and protected to the north by the islands of Somerset, Boaz and Ireland or Inland. Others islands, Saint-George, Paget, Saint-David, are located in the Northeast, of Long Island, in a semicircle around Castle Harbour (castle harbour).

Archipelago composed of islands and coral reefs, situated in the North Atlantic. It is a semi-autonomous British colony, which was discovered by Juan de Bermúdez in the 16th century and colonized by the British in the following century.

The History Bermuda Geography

English Colony semi-autonomous, the Archipelago of Bermuda is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and consists of several islands and coral reefs. Twenty of the islands are uninhabited. The most important are Bermuda (the largest), Somerset, Ireland, St. George’s, St. Davis and Boaz. The capital is Hamilton and is located in Bermuda. The total area of the archipelago is 53.3 km2. Is Bermuda a British colony? 

Bermuda Triangle History

History of Bermuda Triangle: The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. Dozens of stories about the disappearances of ships and planes have reached our ears in various ways, always surrounded by mysteries and disappearances. The last one, last January, when the Florida Coast Guard announced in a statement that a ship bound for Florida had disappeared after leaving the previous day from the Bahamas. After 84 hours of intense investigation, the search without a trace of the vessel and its crew was suspended.

However, do we really know what the Bermuda Triangle is? What is legend and what about reality? Is it true that in that geographical area of the planet ships, planes and people disappear without a trace? We take a tour through the great events of its history to find out what is true about its mysterious fame.

Where’s Bermuda Island?

The Bermuda Islands are made up of hundreds of coral reefs, islands and islets in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, located between Florida in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The main islands of the archipelago are Bermuda, Somerset, Ireland, St. Davis, Boaz and St. George’s, where the capital, Hamilton, and the country’s international airport are located.

Bermuda Islands: map

Bermuda has a territory of only 53.2 km², but make no mistake: you’ll find so many attractions that you can fill weeks of travel!

where Bermuda
where Bermuda

Data Historical of Bermuda 

History of Bermuda and when was Bermuda discovered? Spanish sailor named Juan de Bermúdez who discovered in 1503 the archipelago of Bermuda, at the time when it was still uninhabited. Although Bermúdez gave his name to the archipelago, he did not claim the islands. for Spain, but later Bermuda became an important landmark for ships sailing on the Atlantic, between Spain and the New World. Since Bermuda was surrounded by dangerous reefs, many Spaniards lost their lives trying to approach one or the other of the Islands of the archipelago. French explorer Samuel de Champlain, founder of Quebec (in 1604), landed on the coast of Bermuda in 1600; He inscribed the archipelago on a map, but did not claim the archipelago for the France.

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History About Bermuda Country English Colonization

English colonization would have begun in 1609 following the sinking of the Sea Venture which was sailing to Virginia. It was the ship of Admiral George Somers which had run aground in Bermuda. He built replacement boats. with cedar and went back to sea leaving men in the archipelago, which allowed the islands to be claimed on behalf of England. The first Real permanent settlers arrived in 1612. One of them, Richard Moore, became the First governor of the archipelago. The city of Saint-Georges was founded the same year.

The Bermuda House of Assembly which, with the exception of the House of Great Britain’s municipalities, remains the oldest legislative body in the Commonwealth British; It was founded in 1620. Obviously, Bermuda is the oldest and one of the smallest, though most populous, territories British overseas and the oldest member of the Commonwealth British.

At that time, the archipelago belonged to A Royal Charter at the Bermuda Company, which had divided the territory into nine tribes (called today parishes“), to which it had given the name of its principal shareholders (Devonshire, Hamilton, Paget, Pembroke, Sandys, Smith’s, Southampton, Warwick). The archipelago of Bermuda had been renamed Somers Islands in honour of the admiral who had stranded in the archipelago, but the new name did not remain, the inhabitants continuing to use the term Bermuda (name of the company that owned the archipelago).

The tobacco, cedar and salt trade, as well as the fishing for whales were the backbone of Bermuda’s economy. To fill the Labourthe company brought slaves as early as 1616, in addition to settlers Great Britain; Amerindians were also imported from the colonies of the New England. The British government purchased the colony from the Bermuda Company in 1684.

The United States and France

The strategic location of the archipelago favoured economic development during the of the American Revolutionary War through the construction of strongholds and military ports. During the American Revolution, the Marquis de Lafayette had proposed to General George Washington to seize Bermuda. Article 5 of the 1778 treaty between the United States and the France granted the right of the United States to recover Canada (formerly under domination French) and Bermuda. Article 6 of the Treaty stated that the France undertook to waive all claims to any of these Territories.

But Washington declined the offer because he had other Priorities. American troops attempted to take Bermuda in 1777, but they were repulsed. During the War of 1812 between Great Britain and the United States, the France again tried to intervene so that the Americans would seized Bermuda, but the attempt failed again. During the war, The British used Bermuda to keep prisoners captive French and American. In 1838, a group of eight French Canadians (” patriots)”, who had revolted against the British regime, were deported to Bermuda as “political prisoners”.

 Abolition of slavery in Bermuda History 

Britain abolished slavery in 1834. Local government census then 5000 blacks and other colored people” (55%) among the 9000 people residing in Bermuda. Workers were then called in. Portuguese from the island of Madeira, then from the Azores. Subsequently, these Portuguese retained their language, which their descendants still speak today. During the 1880s the government brought in a thousand Indo-Pakistanis who settled in the archipelago. Progressively They integrated and lost their language.

Bermuda developed the agricultural export sector. Considering that the United States had set High tariffs in 1930 against their trading partners, agricultural exports, especially fresh vegetables, fell considerably, which had the effect of considerably reducing the Bermuda’s agricultural exports. This situation prompted this territory British Overseas to develop the tourism industry. From then on, Bermuda became a fashionable destination. for wealthy British, American and Canadian tourists.

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During World War II, Bermuda became an important base military because of their strategic location in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1941, the The United States concluded an agreement with the United Kingdom. In exchange for the sale of American destroyers, the British conceded to the Americans, for a duration of 99 years, land for the purpose of establishing military bases air and naval.


In 1963, the Progressive Labour Party ( Progressive Labour) presented itself as the representative of interests non-white Bermudians facing an almost entirely composed government of white landowners. Parliamentarians have united to form the United Bermuda Party. This is how it is. the 1968 Constitution which provided for local government responsible for internal affairs leaving security, defence and diplomatic affairs to the British Crown. In 1995, the two U.S. bases ceased to operate, as do the British and Canadian bases; their evacuation freed up one-tenth of the total area of the territory.

The same year, a referendum on independence failed, the inhabitants preferring to remain a British colony in a proportion of 75%. The local government decided to change the “tax haven” industry in order to reduce cases of fraud; let us not forget that more than 13,000 companies, mostly American, Canadian and British companies, are registered in Bermuda. Bermudian law prohibits the display of bad taste, neon signs and any billboards, as well as the channels of fast food; No fast food is tolerated in the archipelago. Tourism is still of great importance to the economy of the island, although international trade has outstripped the benefits tourism financials.

 Language policy

The local government of Bermuda has no language policy. Non-intervention has the effect of perpetuating uses languages in progress since the beginning of colonization. As a colony British, Bermuda has always had English as its official language, without it being necessary to proclaim or acknowledge it in any text whatever it is.

What is The Bermuda Triangle History

History of Bermuda triangle: But why that place? Because it was – and is – a place of passage very frequented by ships and planes that travel from the American continent to Europe. Its strong winds and Gulf Streams make both navigation and flights crossing the area faster. It is a kind of “shortcut” or “fast route” to travel to Europe. And as we already know, the greater the number of boats or planes passing by, the greater the chances of something out of the ordinary happening.

Bermuda triangle history
Bermuda triangle history

Legends of the Bermuda Triangle

There are several theories, all unproven, that claim to explain the phenomenon that occurs in this area. Here are some of the most surprising:

A black hole

Bermuda triangle: While it is true that black holes exist and there is a whole theory developed by numerous scientists, including the famous Stephen Hawking, it is unlikely that there is one in that area. Why? A black hole is a finite region of space in which the concentrated mass is so powerful that nothing escapes its control. That is, if there were a black hole in the waters – or in the sky – everything that passed through there would disappear without exception

The Bermuda Triangle is formed by 1.1 and a half million square kilometers offshore within an equilateral triangle (hence its name) that form the tips of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami in Florida, United States.

This imaginary triangle contains a secret within it: hundreds of ships have disappeared since this place is known, almost a hundred planes – as far as is known – and thousands of people. Are they all at the bottom of the sea? Have they gone to another dimension? Are they sunk with the lost city of Atlantis? Probably not, but the human being has always liked to add a little legend to phenomena that he has not been able to demonstrate.

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Context and first mentions of the “Devil’s Triangle”

Bermuda triangle: A date that marks the beginning of this mystery: the year 1945. A crew of 5 US Navy planes flying over the area disappeared. Even a sixth aircraft disappeared, a Martin Mariner emergency plane that came to the rescue of the first five. In total, 27 people disappeared without a trace. In the last communication that was had with them, one of its members assured that they were completely lost and did not know what direction to take. After that, nothing.

The first written news about this mystery dates from 1950, written from the pen of the tabloid journalist Edward Van Winkle Jones, who wrote in the Miami Herald about the strange disappearance of a large number of ships off the coast of the Bahamas. Two years later the writer George X. Sand joined this mystery, who assured that in the area there were mysterious marine disappearances and later, in 1964, the magazine of fiction articles Argosy Magazine published a complete article entitled “The deadly Bermuda Triangle” in which he spoke of strange disappearances, Paranormal phenomena and mysteries that made whoever sailed those waters automatically disappear.

But why that place? Because it was – and is – a place of passage very frequented by ships and planes that travel from the American continent to Europe. Its strong winds and Gulf Streams make both navigation and flights crossing the area faster. It is a kind of “shortcut” or “fast route” to travel to Europe. And as we already know, the greater the number of boats or planes passing by, the greater the chances of something out of the ordinary happening.

Sea monsters

Bermuda triangle: The Kraken is a sea monster of gigantic proportions that devours everything that is put in front of it. This and others like him would inhabit the waters of the Bermuda Triangle eating, literally, everything that is put before their jaws. This myth could come from the sighting by sailors and pirates of giant squid of 14 and 15 meters in length that inhabit the deep waters of the high seas. The rest, legend.


Another unlikely theory, the area is an extraterrestrial station in which UFOs appropriate people to take them to their planets to study them. The most alarmist theories claim that extraterrestrials study us in order to know what our technology and our abilities are and then use them against us and invade us. The kindest say that aliens appropriate people in this seasonal zone in order to save humanity from the great final Holocaust. For tastes, colors.

What is the Bermuda Triangle Theory?

What is Bermuda Triangle history and theory? For centuries Bermuda has been linked to the intriguing enigma of the Triangle, an area between the archipelago, Florida and Puerto Rico where the most diverse unexplained events have occurred, such as shipwrecks and disappearances of airplanes.

The area corresponds to more than 1,000,000 km² over the Atlantic Ocean, where the depth reaches up to 9,000 meters! Some believe that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is due to aliens or supernatural phenomena, but scholars point out that the puzzle has far more plausible explanations, according to science. The Triangle region is a well-known starting point for major tropical storms, even hurricanes and cyclones, which may explain shipwrecks and air disasters. Other currents indicate that the region would house several sources of methane hydrate, a gas that can cause the loss of water and air density, causing ships to sink and aircraft to fall.

In 2021, NASA came up with a new theory: that there is a “hole” or weak spot the size of the United States in the earth’s magnetic pole just where the Bermuda Triangle is located.

Either way, you can rest easy when planning your trip, as the planes and cruises that make the journey to the archipelago today use 100% safe routes!


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