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Beauty Standards In Korea, America For Women

Why Beauty Has Standards? 

Beauty standard
Beauty standard

What Are Beauty Standard For Woman?

Beauty standards: In a world of uncertainty there lies certain very predefined set of standards used as a benchmark for certification of somebody or something as per those norms determined for that specific aspect of life and anything beyond is either out casted or titled different; these norms have been so deeply rooted within the society that nobody is spared from its inheritance or more so is bounded by it to safeguard  oneself from the abandonment which may  be the consequence of its non-acceptance, one such major example are the standards pertaining to beauty, a full manual transcribed  on what can be defined as real beauty. beauty standards. What are beauty standard?

Defining Beauty:  Beauty standards around the world

What is beauty? Is it even possible to define it? Can it actually be expressed in words or is it more of a sentiment which can be felt internally, more than so what meets the eyes. Standards for beauty may be different for different places, people, culture or society but the lack of awareness and acceptance of standards different to theirs is what ties them all together in this mind-set. Beauty Standards. What are beauty standard?

Beauty in itself is freedom, how can it even be trapped within those rigid walls of standards which is worthless and moreover the foremost eye-opening question lies here is “why do we have to define it?” Everyone is different, we are all creatures of the almighty here to serve its very own purpose and not to be a herd of clones inhabiting together. beauty standards in America, beauty standards for women, beauty standards in Russia.

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Often times beauty in its most shallow aspect is measured by its physical and materialistic attributes where the certification is completed and held out as per those set norms with regards of their looks and apparel and at times these upward comparisons can became a plague in society where people themselves start undervaluing their self-worth and try to fit in but neglected is the aspect that how someone is truly as an individual is what makes them who they are which is what beauty in its purest form is.

Thus defining beauty with those words of shallow standards is a demeaning act taking away the very core of being you and being beautiful. Beauty standards in America, beauty standards for women, beauty standards in Russia. Beauty standards in Korea.

Challenging The Norms

Awakening hour within the mind-set of individuals have risen the expansion of consciousness and awareness to spread like wild fire amongst people where they have begun questioning these norms and striding towards self-acceptance, those rigid walls anchoring them now cracking underneath the pressure of individual’s acknowledgement of one’s own freedom and self-worth . The ray of hope guiding towards change is shining where seeking validation is not a norm anymore and self-worth is the key to open minds full of rustic negative beliefs. Beauty standard in Korea.

Everyone is unique and beautiful deserving similar respect and equality for their culture and values and has a right to demand for it, Intolerance of these in justifiable standards should be promoted for every person to grow and glow as now the only person u need acceptance from is you and always you.

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Challenging an old practise or belief is not easy it is a constant battle within oneself and a fight with people still preserving their values as a treasure but as they say “Rome was not built in a day”  thus things may not happen overnight but even a spark of it may be counted as success. History of Russia.

 Expecting a change in whole we first need to start as individuals and stand for ourselves, believing that it is possible and determined to make it happen along with supporting others in their journey. A change inside is needed for a change outside. History of America.

Redefining Your Own Beauty

Discovering yourself is a process and it’s easier said than done but the foremost important part is to make your mind up to begin that journey for yourself, accepting your flaws and being confident because you are beautiful with all its perfect imperfection, and you should know it never allowing anyone to bound your growth and cause you to feel different for what the society thinks or follows. Top Ten Oldest Religions. https://www.scienceofpeople.com/beauty-standards/


Acceptance is the roadway to happiness to be free as now is the time to set your own standards and boundaries to give beauty a new meaning where everyone is perfectly imperfect with their own definition of beauty rewritten by them for them. Read Spanish Model Eva Maria Perez.


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