When Did The Battle Of Troy Happen 1194–1184 BC Trojan War

The Battle of Troy and Who Won The Battle of Troy? 

Battle for Troy: Also known as Trojan war: The Battle of Troy (The Trojan War) was fought between Greeks and the defenders of the city of Troy in Anatolia sometime in the late Bronze Age. The story has grabbed the imagination for millennia but a conflict between Mycenaeans and Hittites may well have occurred, even if its representation in epic literature such as Homer’s Iliad is almost certainly more myth than reality.

  • the trojan war was fought between

Trojan War War between the Greeks and Trojans, lasting 10 years. It began when Paris, son of King Priam of Troy, kidnapped Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta. When the Trojans refused to return her, the Greeks formed an army, led by Agamemnon, including Achilles, Odysseus and the two Ajaxes.

battle for war
battle for war

When Did The Battle of Troy Happen

  • When did the trojan war start?

When was the battle of troy: The ancient Greeks, discussing the works of Homer from the sixth century BC onwards, held that the Trojan War was fought 1194–1184 BC.  When did the trojan war happen. When did the battle of troy happen?

  • How long did the trojan war last?

Battle of troy date:  People want to know what year did the trojan war start?  Answer is 10 years with the prevailing date mentioned by Eratosthenes, 1194-1184 BC.

Reason of Trojan War

  • Why did the trojan war happen?

Why did the trojan war happen? Trojan Horse Story. Did trojan war happen? Thousands of years ago, Prince Paris of Troy fell in love with Helen, Queen of Sparta. He brought her to Troy. The king of Sparta went mad with anger. He vows to bring Helen back. Together with the kings of other Greek cities, his soldiers boarded several ships by sea and headed towards Troy.

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Sparta Queen Helen
Sparta Queen Helen
  • What happened in 1194 BC and Why did the trojan war start?
  • When did the battle of troy take place?

When did the trojan war take place? In 1184 After a long journey, the ship reached the shores of the city of Troy. A fierce battle started. In those days a city like Troy was surrounded by high walls. It can be called a fort. It had a main gate which was very strong. It was impossible to enter the fort without breaking it. The fighting went on for several months, but the Greeks were not able to break into it. And the inhabitants of Troy, called the Trojans, also could not succeed in driving the Greeks out. When did the trojan war begin in 1194 BC

Since the fighting had been going on for many years, now the Greek soldiers were also beginning to remember their home. They wanted to go back to their homes. One of them, a brave and clever soldier named Odysseus, made a new plan.

battle of war
battle of war

He called all his soldiers near and started telling them his plan. “We have to make a wooden horse. The horse will be big enough to accommodate some of our brave soldiers. We will leave that horse here in front of the main gate. ,

“No! We are not cowards. We will not go back from Troy without taking our queen” – said one soldier in anger. Odysseus explained to the soldier, “My friend! It’s not like that. We’ll just pretend to go back. We will be a few kilometers away from this island.
“Then what will happen to the horse?” Another soldier asked.

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“This horse will make us victorious. The Trojans would think that we gave up and went back. A gift has been left on the way. Those people will definitely take this symbol of their victory inside their city. They will celebrate it. When they get tired of singing and dancing, our soldiers will come out of the trojan horse and break. As soon as we get their signal, we will come back and attack Troy. ,

“Wow! Then our victory is sure”, several soldiers exclaimed with enthusiasm.
The Greeks employed their most skilled craftsmen to make a wooden horse. A secret door was made in that strong and huge wooden horse that no one could know.
The Trojan Horse’s mouth was left open so that the soldiers hiding in it could breathe comfortably. When the horse was ready, the Greeks dropped it near the main gate of the city of Troy and pretended to return. The next morning the Trojans found the battlefield empty. The Greeks were nowhere to be seen, just a giant Trojan horse outside the gate.

When Did The Battle Of Troy Happen 1194–1184 BC Trojan War
When Did The Battle Of Troy Happen 1194–1184 BC Trojan War

“It is the gift of peace. The Greeks left. ”- said the Trojan soldiers aloud. “They have accepted defeat and left this gift. Now the Greeks began to see that Trojan Horse as their symbol of victory. It is a gift to his goddess Athena.
Some of the Trojans were looking at him with suspicion and wanted to burn him. But the soldiers enjoying the victory did not pay heed to him. Battle of Troy. 

Who Won The Battle of Troy

Who Won The Battle of Troy: The huge door of Troy was opened. The Trojan Horse was brought inside the city and the people rejoiced in joy. After many hours of celebration, all the Trojan soldiers were exhausted and fell into sleep. The Trojan Horse stirred in the silence of the night. Some Greek soldiers came out of his feet. They attacked Troy.

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Greek soldiers start slaughtering tired and sleepy Troy soldiers. Troy soldiers can’t fight it. Meanwhile, the soldiers on the ship also arrive and start destroying the city of Troy. By morning, Troy is devastated. The Greeks take Queen Helen with them, saving her safely. Who won the Trojan War? The Greeks won the Trojan War. Battle of Troy.

Who Was Homer? The Poet And The Enigma

Battle of Troy and Homer: The man named as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey is as much a myth as the tales he told of warriors, gods and wooden horses.

  • Did the trojan war happen?

Early records claimed Homer was blind and hailed from the west coast of what is now Turkey, but any firm details are still unknown. Yet Homer became one of the greatest influences on Greek culture and education, and a main source on the Trojan War – despite being thought to have lived in the eighth or ninth century BC, some 500 years after the Trojan War is thought to have occurred. Read History of Greece.

Trozan war
Trozan war

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