History Of Qatar Timeline

Early History Of Qatar The History of Qatar Timeline: The human occupation of the Qatar Peninsula dates back to almost four thousand years before Christ, according to archaeological evidence, excavations, inscriptions and the few ceramics found in various areas of the country. In the fifth century BC.C., the Greek historian Herodotus reported that the first …

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History Of Bulgaria

Prehistory of Bulgaria Timeline  Early History of Bulgaria : Some claim that people have been living on the territory of present-day Bulgaria for more than 1.3 million years. More certain is that Neanderthals colonized the area and that representatives of the oldest European culture of thinking man (the Aurignac culture, which is named after later …

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A History Of Cambodia Timeline Ancient – Todays

The History of Cambodian The History Of Cambodia Timeline: The Kingdom of Cambodia is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia (Indochina Peninsula). Today it is a constitutional monarchy, but since its origin and throughout its history, it has gone through various forms of government. This country has been invaded, occupied and has suffered a terrible civil …

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