Are UFO real and Are aliens real yes or no? 1 Wonderful Story

What is UFO?

  • Are aliens real yes or no?

UFO is an acronym that stands for unidentified flying object. As defined by the Larousse, these are “fugitive objects or phenomena, observed in the atmosphere, and whose nature is not known or recognized by witnesses”. There have been tens of thousands of testimonies since the middle of the 20th century: from the debris of the Soyuz rocket in 2011, perceived by Belgian observers as strange fireballs followed by light trails, to objects with erratic movements and for which scientists have failed to give an explanation.

Are aliens real yes or no? UFO
Are aliens real yes or no? UFO

The Milky Way is very Large

To explain why contact with an advanced extraterrestrial civilization has not yet taken place, another possibility is that our galaxy — and even more, the universe — is so large that it has not yet been able to happen. With a diameter of 100.000 , we can imagine that signals emitted at the other end of the Milky Way take several millennia to arrive. It all depends on the distance and also when it was done. And let’s not forget that there are hundreds of billions of stars… We may simply not have been spotted (yet).

We may not even be on their lists… The choice is immeasurable. For example, if they emitted a signal 100 years ago and they are 10,000 light-years away, we will still have to wait 9,900 years. Same problem for us, who are (also) looking for interlocutors.

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Are aliens real yes or no?

Are aliens real? It is the question that has been asked for years on the subject; However, recently a former head of space security of Israel, Haim Eshed, assured that they do exist and that supposedly the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has knowledge of it and that he also has a pact with the “Intergalactic Federation” to keep the secrecy safe. The statements have certainly caused a stir on social media. Is it real or is it fake?

In an interview for an Israeli newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, the former head of security explained that humanity is not yet ready to meet or have contact with extraterrestrials.

Are UFO Real?

Are UFOs real?: As the presentation of this famous document written by experts from the Pentagon, the FBI and the Office of Naval Intelligence approaches, the interest of Internet users in the subject seems to be growing. It all started earlier this year when the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of a pyramid-shaped UFO video.


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Are Aliens Real

U.S. Navy Cmdr. David Fravor was at the controls of a fighter jet over the Pacific Ocean in 2004 when he saw something strange. It hovered over the water, shaking it so hard it seemed to boil. Moments later, the object moved away from him at a shocking speed. In 2015, another Navy pilot spotted a rapidly moving object low over the Atlantic. “What the is that thing?” he said over the radio, a sentiment that basically everyone who heard about the two incidents shared.

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