Angelina Jolie Hollywood’s Most Expensive Actress have 6 Kid

Angelina Jolie Became Hollywood's most expensive actress
Angelina Jolie Became Hollywood’s most expensive actress

About Angelina Jolie

About Angelina Jolie was born on 4 June 1975 in Los Angeles, California, United State of America. She was born into an elite family. Father John Voight was an actor, mother and brother were also actors. Her parents divorced in 1976 and moved to live with her mother. Since his father was also an actor, he got a small role in a film when Angelina was younger. It was released in 1982. Angelina Jolie age is 45 Years

Children used to tease in school due to spectacles and braces

He joined Beverly Hills High School to complete his studies. At this time she was very slim, wore glasses, wore braces and was not attractive at all. Children in school used to tease him. For this reason, he changed school. He took admission in Moreno High School. During this time she tried to look good and wore mostly black clothes. But shortly after, he also left Moreno High School. It was because of this that he suddenly became fond of becoming a Funeral Director.

Went through a period of depression due to being alone

At the age of 16, she completed her graduation and took an apartment of her own where she lived alone and probably came into depression. He tried many times to harm himself. During this time, he also suffered from insomnia and eating disorder. He started taking drugs. He also tried to commit suicide at the age of 19, but was unsuccessful. She remained in depression for a long time. At the age of 22, he hired a hitman to kill himself. Two years later, he was also admitted for 72 hours in a psychiatric ward due to a nervous break down.

Angelina Jolie most famous actress
Angelina Jolie most famous actress

Not disappointed with failures in films

It was 1993 when she got her first lead role in “Sayborg 2”. Before that she had been seen in many films which were her brother’s films. This was followed by “Without Evidence” and then “Hackers”. Role was found. None of these films ran. In 1996, “Love is all there is”. After that “Mojave Moon ‘,” Fox Fire’, “True Woman” and “Playing God” did not work either. Even after so many failures, she was not disappointed. Read About Priyanka Chopra

Angelina Jolie Became Hollywood’s most expensive actress

In 1997, ‘George Wallace’ was released which proved to be an international box office hit. She received his first Golden Globe Award for this film. Just here, his career took a new turn. Now people started recognizing him. She won many awards. Angelina Jolie was now one of Hollywood’s most expensive actresses. “Tomb Raider” proved to be a big hit in 2001. In 2003, “The Cradle of Life”, the second part of “Tomb Raider”, also proved to be an international hit. He played voice in Kungfu Panda in 2008. He also worked with Johnny Depp in “Salt ‘and” The Tourist “. Read More About Kim Kardashian. .

Angelina Jolie Now
Angelina Jolie Now

Angelina Jolie Kids 

Whether it’s an outing with all six kids — Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 14, Vivienne and Knox, 12 — or a solo trip with just one child, Angelina is aways the ultimate doting mom.

Angelina Jolie Movies

Salt and many more.

Year Title Role
1982 Lookin’ to Get Out Tosh 
1993 Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow Kazela ‘Kash’ Reese 
1995 Hackers Kate «Acid Burn» Libby 
1996 Mojave Moon Eleanor “Ellie” Rigby 
1996 Love Is All There Is Gina Malakiki 
1996 Foxfire Margret “Legs” Sadovska 
1997 Playing God Claire 
1998 Gia Gia Carangi Maria 
1998 Hell’s Kitchen Gloria Makniri 
1998 Playing by Heart Joan 
1999 Pushing Tin Mary Bell 
1999 The Bone Collector Amelia Donahue 
1999 Girl, Interrupted Lisa Rowe 
2000 Gone in Sixty Seconds Sarah “Svey” Weiland 
2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Lara Croft 
2001 Original Sin Julia Russell / Bonnie Castle 
2002 Life or Something Like It Lani Kerihan 
2003 Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life Lara Croft 
2003 Beyond Borders Sarah Jordan Boford 
2004 Taking Lives Illeana Scott 
2004 Shark Tale Lola (voice) 
2004 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Captain Franky Cook 
2004 Alexander Olympia 
2005 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Jane Smith 
2006 The Good Shepherd Clover Wilson 
2007 Beowulf Grendel’s mother (voice) 
2007 A Mighty Heart Marian Pearl 
2008 Kung Fu Panda Tigress (voice) 
2008 Wanted Fox 
2008 Changeling Christine Collins 
2010 Salt Evelyn Salt 
2010 The Tourist Alice 
2011 Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom tigress
Year Title Role
1997 True Women Georgia Virginia Loushi Woods 
1997 George Wallace Cornelia Wallace 
1998 Gia Gia Carangi Mary

Angelina Jolie nude 

Actress of Salt and The Tourist
Actress of Salt and The Tourist