About Us

About Us:

Whatsup University is not a university it is a simple website. Whatsup University is the name which initiated by two famous word, one is whats-up and second one is whats app. Whats App a famous mobile app by Facebook Facebook.com. In year 2020 team plan for creating a knowledgeable and informative website. Which help to users to grow their knowledge. Whats-up content team are creating and writing Niche content. Whatsup launched it whatsup University website launched after 2 year in year Jan 2020. We have lots of creative and experience team members, they are expert in different fields.

Some one asking, What is Whatsapp University?

In this website no country boundation no region bountadtion. No age restriction here its open for all age and all peoples.
We trying to make more efficient and accurate data to provide more knowledge by Whatsup University. Our main motive to grow knowledge through on line in digital world. In this website we will covered all most country history and about country. Whatsup University are to trying more technology related information like mobile technologies, internet, laptop and digital marketing technologies. Whats app team 100 team members which continue doing work to make best niche content and information’s. We have expert team of Technologies, SEO, Digital marketing, Mobile technology expert. Whatsup have 30 content writer and 10 developer in different field. We taken maximum spiritual references from ancient and old books. We collect place information from history books and related oldest books.

Where are Whatsup University?

We trying day by day to cover all topic of Technology, Current affair, Country knowledge, fashion, Spirituality, entertainment and more. We are providing accurate and effective data or information compare to TV News Channel. Our target to write 100 topic to cover. Our team members from different countries Like Canada, United State of America USA, United Kingdom. Some members from Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, India, France, Germany.

Any User want to information more about any particular topics. They send demand in comment box. We trying to provide their topic in within a week. See home page Person can find us on google.com Bing.com yahoo.com baidu.com or yandex.com