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I may be postmillennial. But if there’s a pose I like on camera more than the rest, it is the classic smile. A smile can almost never go wrong, unless of course it’s used in an inappropriate situation, such as when you are found guilty of something or when you are in an argument.

Anyways, have you ever wondered, why smile? 

The purpose of a smile goes beyond just being in a state of happiness. A smile offers benefits ranging from elevating your mood to beauty benefits to even health benefits. Happiness brings a smile to your face, but a smile can bring happiness into your life. So, here are 9 reasons why you need to smile:

Uplift your mood:

Smiling produces tiny molecules known as neuropeptides along with the  ‘feel – good’ chemicals : Dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Should you feel a lack of energy at any time, smile and feel the energy shoot up instantaneously.

Relieve your pain:

Endorphins have the ability to act as a mild pain reliever. When you are feeling any discomfort or pain, just smile and let the pain fade away. Remember this little trick the next time you have to go to the dentist or get a blood test.

Alleviate your stress:

Flash that winning smile every time you feel tired or upset. Serotonin is an antidepressant that can help reduce stress. Therefore, the next time you feel blue, try smiling. You’ll instantly realise everything isn’t as bad as it seems.

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Be more attractive:

A smile on your face makes people more drawn to you (not in a creepy way!). The outside world perceives you to have a cheerful disposition when you show off those pearly whites. A genuine smile also helps you gain more trust.

Uplift your mood,
Uplift your mood

Look younger:

A smile has the power to make you look younger than your age because of the natural face-lift. So, the next time you feel old, don’t worry about the smile wrinkles. Instead, smile and feel the youthful energy once again. 

Smiling is contagious:

Surely you’ve heard that yawn is contagious. So is a smile. Next time you go outside, try smiling at a stranger. Chances are they are going to smile back. A smile has the incredible ability to bring cheer to other people’s lives.  Read Oldest Languages

Helps you succeed:

A smile makes a person look more competent and confident in their abilities and skills. The next time you go for an interview or a business meeting, put on your best smile. You are definite to create a long-lasting impression.

Lowers blood pressure:

A smile has the power to reduce blood pressure as it signals a relaxed state of mind to your brain. Smiling can also help reduce heart rate in stressful situations. That, in turn, decreases the risk of developing future heart problems. Read History of Hinduism

Boosts immune system:

It may seem weird, but yes! Smiling can help improve your well-being. Poor mental health can cause more pressure on your immunity. The release of serotonin and more white blood cells while smiling helps combat this. Read History of Jerusalem Israel.

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These are a few reasons that point out the importance of smiling. Smile every day to make yourself feel better and to help others’ feel better. You would be doing a lot of good to your physical and mental health.  Read History about Vatican City Rome.

Cause, in the end, let’s not forget, ‘A smile a day keeps the negative vibes at bay’. For More About Whatsup University Follow us.


Anupama Mathew

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Anupama Mathew
Anupama Mathew
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